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  • hey tim glad to hear he's doing so well, he was accually not that calm compaired to the rest of my collection. as of right right now i dont have anyone breeding, just trying to get weights up before breeding season again. Next season ill have two projects going. Ill be crossing a SHTB to a snow tang(hopeing for creamsicles) and another SHTB. Ill also be breeding a raptor with another raptor and a tremper enigma ph raptor (hopeing for novas). let me know when you post those pics.
    Hey Tim, glad hes doing good still, things are pretty layed back here atm, i have no geckos breeding and no eggs. I may breed the same pair of tangs again and incubate for female so i can get some gals for next year, But other than that nothing really just growing my collection. Id love to see some pics of him once he's done sheding.
    Hey Tim im glad he is doing good for you, ive never had a problem with his appitite, he always eats like a champ. Next year im incubating for females so i can hopefuly get some cream females. Also next year ill have afew raptor females going(hopeing on produceing a nova) And i may be getting a radar pair soon. Let me know on how hes doing from time to time and id love to see those pics. Makes me feel good that i sold him to someone thats taking such good care of him
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