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    Popularity of Fat tails

    Is it just me or does the popularity of this hobby seem to be decreasing? Is it just the off season, so nobody talks? Seems similar with leopard geckos as well. Seems crazy that people are having such a hard time selling geckos that I saw raptors on selling for $35. I remember...
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    Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

    Dubias are still better then crickets, but I've had 200,000 dubias in the house and they do smell in quantity and the sound of millions of feet do make noise. I sold off almost the entire collection because it was far more than I ever needed. So keep your population under control, every female...
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    Selling off dubia roach colony

    Sold the whole colony
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    Selling off dubia roach colony

    I am selling off my entire dubia roach collection, either as a whole (locally) or piecing out different sizes and quantities. I don't have an exact number on all sizes but estimates would put it at around 5000 adult females and somewhere between 2000-3000 adult males. Also tons of any...
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    Selling adult dubias at discount prices.

    I have a limited amount of adult female and adult male blaptica dubias forsale. Females $.75 each Males $.25 each $4 for shipping no matter what size order. No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or Florida. These are newly developed into adults and some females may be gravid. Email me at...
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    Trading all size Dubias for open offers

    Bump Also interested in ball pythons
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    Clean enigma male and super snow male

    No longer needed, thanks
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    Trading all size Dubias for open offers

    Trading any sized dubias for open offers of anything reptile related. I am mostly interested in leopard geckos, african fat-tailed geckos (amel & white outs), herman/Russian tortoise/s, equipment in general (racks, heat tape, UVB, ect), samurai blue pacman frogs, female pictus/panther gecko and...
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    Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

    Ya, it takes less effort, but provides less nutrition. Its like going to McDonalds instead of cooking a nice meal at home.
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    4 W/Y females

    I've contacted breeders and they don't respond... so I guess they aren't running a professional company... but I'm looking for 4 female W/Ys. Please let me know what they are het for. I'll pre buy any you are hatching. [email protected]