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    The kiddos

    Happy little family.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty lady

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    Giant Sunglows

    1.3 group of giant Sunglows. Purchased from ember gecko earlier this year. Decided to go a different direction. All are in great condition and ready to go. Asking $450 obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Complete Sellout

    I need to re-home my leopard geckos. Found out last week that my wife is pregnant with our second child. Need the spare room to turn into babies room. I have a total of 17 leopard geckos Metal rack with heat and thermostat and tubs Hatchling rack with heat and tubs I even have a small meal...
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    Winter Sell Out

    Need to make some room in the rack before I leave home for 4 months. I will get pics and DOB, but heres a list of what I have for sale. Blizzard Tremper Blazing Blizzard Sunglows x3 High Yellows x2 Super Snow Enigma Let me know if your interested and I will get you pics ASAP. Thanks
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    Going Overseas Sellout

    Get them dirt cheap folks.. Took fresh pics of all of them today..
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    Going Overseas Sellout

    Leaving soon.. Make an offer if you want..
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    Going Overseas Sellout

    I am taking a job over seas for the next year and need to cut down on the number of geckos that my wife will have to tend to by herself while I'm gone. :( Adults: ($30 each or 125 for all) Sunglow het Raptor male Aptor Female (regen tail tip) Mack Snow female Hypo Tangerine het tremper het...
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    Ira & Indy

    LOVE them.... First thing that came to mind was super snow leos... They are beautiful..
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    Leopard Geckos at Columbia SC show?

    Here's a list of all the Repticon shows.. I have been to a few of them and they usually have a good turn out.. Hope that helps..
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    Superior Shipping Supplies---> Great

    Just wanted to to say that the folks at superior shipping supplies are great and so are the products they sell. I ordered the small worm-water dish from them. I was losing countless meal worms at feeding due to escapees. Since I have gotten them, I have not seen a single worm on the run. Great...
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    Gecko Time: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

    Thanks Aliza.. I did my homework before I got my first garg last week. This is very helpful, since theres not a whole lot out there specifically for gargs..
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    Gargs Outside

    Great pics and excellent looking gargs..
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    Thanks.. I will only be getting one for right now so I think it should work also..
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    I am looking to get a Garg soon. I just wanted to make sure if the terrarium i am going to use is big enough. Its made by Zoo Med and is 12x12x18.. Think thats big enough for 1 or 2? Thanks