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    GFP Axolotls: GLOWING Alien Pets!

    The only reason im against the GFP axolotls are because they dont do it naturally. It was something scientists did to them
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    Anyone else have African Pygmy Mice?

    I have a reverse trio(or at least I hope, they are SO tiny and the probable female is young so hard to tell 100%, she is the one in the middle of the picture, but the older 2 are for sure boys as you can see there manly bits haha) of these little buggers and find them very entertaining to watch...
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    taming new gerbils

    Best way is to just pick them up and do it. Or give them treats often and they will learn you will always come bearing treats :)
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    My pup

    What a handsome little man! Glad he found a good home :) Maybe someday he will learn to live without being so scared! We rescued a little chihuahua off of craigslist(he is not my hubbys parents dog) and he was terrified of everyone and everything. Would pee when he got scared too. Its been...
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    Can anyone help identify this snake?

    Honestly it looks like a corn snake to me as well. But im not big on snakes lol
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    Looking for Bell Hybino

    Looking for a bell hybino(would be great if I could find a 1.1 pair though) also would like to be able to set up some sort of payment plan as well if at all possible
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    Colored sand?

    I second the tile.. Im gonna put some in my 20 gallon long next :)
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    Colored sand?

    and it will dye its feet as well
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    Colored sand?

    I honestly wouldnt use sand for any reptile.. I use paper towels..