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    8 Leopard Geckos for sale- $300 OBO

    Well school time has come and it's time for me to move on :) I still love them so much and maybe later on I'll be able to own one or a few but right now I am ready to let go. I have the following that as a group I can sell for 300 shipped or seperate and prices are upon request. I also can...
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    Vote for my t-shirt design!! For reals this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I get at least 130 votes and a lot of comments then I have a chance at winning on this site! You just have to create an account here-> And then come back to this post and go here...
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    Vote for my t-shirt design!!!

    Uhh I can't get accepted :( they need to explain there submission rules a lot better.
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    Vote for my t-shirt design!!!

    Still pending approval for voting but here is the new link... hopefully I've noticed that an accepted design gets 756 votes and if I know 200 people and those 200 people tell 5 people and all give me a good rating I have a good chance :)...
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    Vote for my t-shirt design!!!

    oh yeah sorry hang on , I got declined of size so I'm resubmitting it XP
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    Vote for my t-shirt design!!!

    I submited a design to and if my design gets accepted, meaning it gets enough votes from you guys! Then I get $2000 and a $500 gift certificate to there stores! I would absloutuly die to have my design on a shirt here, and the money would do some amazing things for me and my...
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    hmmm... (secret santa)

    Man trust me I was kicking myself after I realized I had lost the list of exchangers and had deleted some in my inbox to make space for inquiry.....I Don't even know who I got but I never recieved it either. I felt so bad for those who didn't get theres either... :/ That is the last time im...
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    Stuck shed on toes (how many topics are on THIS one XD)

    not sure, because the whole humidity thing confuses me, ive been told let it raise to 70-80% part of the day and then lower the rest, so I thoroughly mist it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed because I also know they don't see standing water very well either so his papertowels...
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    Stuck shed on toes (how many topics are on THIS one XD)

    So my beautiful little crested gecko I got from CJG has some stuck shed on his/her toes XP I've tried soaking her twice for about 20-30 mins each time, because she climbs out of the water and just gets the humidity to hit her/him. This doesn't get the toes wet enough to come off, but I...
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    Happy Birthday Haley! Zynx_Keekeio

    aww thank you X3!!!
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    Jungle Bell Albino

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    Jungle Bell Albino

    Born October 12th T.S. Female Parents are MSB and Bell Albino $90 shipped or trade for a Crested Gecko (only ones who are on CGD and crickets) (P.S. I Have never shipped before but I will offer full refund if DOA and if anyone wants to help me with shipping that would be...
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    Your Pablo fix DUW[

    your entering those in the calander contest RIGHT!!!???
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    Im about to get a another Crested Gecko, please help.

    Thanks so much! I know there are a few people at the show that if they are the only ones selling cresteds I'm going to a breeder who actually sells on here.