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    Fat-tail gecko pair or trio wanted

    I'm wanted to set up a breeding pair or trio of these guys for years and now is the time. So I'm looking for a pair or trio(1.2) for a new 20g long tank I have waiting. Looking online not a lot of places carrying these guys and would rather not buy wild caught if I can help it. If you are...
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    Midwest Reptile Show Aug 30 2015

    I wanted to share this show with you guys. Not sure if anyone else will be going but I plan on attending with the family. Welcome to the Midwest Reptile Show, Indianapolis, Indiana -Home Aug 30 10:00 -4:00 $5 entry I hear its a very good show.
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    Our bearded dragon basking in the sun.

    We have had Dave for a few years and has really become part of the family. Turned out Dave is really a girl but we never changed her name. This might be her favorite spot just hanging out in the sun.
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    Anyone keep Uromastyx?

    These guys look so cool they look so prehistoric. I have seen them a few times at reptile shows but I stay away because of the heat they need. Basking spots up to 120 degrees ouch. So anyone keep these guys?