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    so I've got 2 beautiful American toads I got about 8 months ago. we lost one awhile ago because he refused to eat. my biggest toad, marble is not hesitant about eating and eats roaches mealworms crickets and her absolute favorite, earthworms!! as I normally do a few times a month I observe my...
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    who else is going and who is presenting there pets
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    Beardie wont bask

    So ive asked this on other forums like so my little bearded dragon tango wont bask all all day he sits on his hammock or behind a rock as close to the back corner as he can get all his temps are fine let me know what you think
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    Let me introduce jim

    Jim in my opinion is one of the apex leopard geckos. she is 6 years old and healthyer than most leos i see at shows and pet stores. I am honored to have and i just found this forum so im pretty happy to have her i also have a crested gecko pumpkin who is opisite of jim he will go off feed for a...