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    my new leachie

    i wouldnt worry to much about her not clinging to the glass. as long as she can climb up those cork barks and branches you should be fine. if shes that old im sure she weighs a good amount so dont be to upset that she cant grip the glass.
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    Finding Chahouas

    look at terri the lizard lady. she is a good breeder and is based in janesville wisconsin which is closer to you. she has a few chewies for sale. you can also negotiate the price with her a bit. i bought my leachie from her and its very healthy and thriving. id reccomend her for sure. also i...
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    Looking to get my first leachie.

    locales preduce different color variations and patterns or no patterns. the biggest is the L. leachianus and the leachianus henkeli. the L. leachie gets bigger then the henkeli
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    my new baby girl from sewer fest

    shes pretty young. i brought her home and in 1 week she went from 20g to 23g
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    The yellow beast

    depends on who you talk to. people are selective breeding them to become a morph
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    The yellow beast

    looks like a harliquin to me almost dalmation if it didnt have the pattern on his back
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    my new baby girl from sewer fest

    well here is my baby girl. her names ivy :P shes a fast little stinker but working on hand taming her right now. tell me what you think! shes a nuu ana
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    A puzzling predicament

    also, dont try and force your gecko to eat more then he can such as over feeding calcium crickets and such since this will do more harm then good. just keep doing what your doing if he's happy and eating
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    May get a Crested Gecko?

    most people do drop the temps at night if there keeping there gecko at around 76 during the day. it seems to be a sweet spot temp for them and then dropping to around 70 at night. you can have it go lower. but lower then 65 will cause the gecko stress and will be to cold. anything above 85 will...
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    Who wants hatchlings from this trio?

    corwin is amazing! love his spiked crest. id love to get one like that if you get a good crested one like him
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    Another question...

    you can use eco earth with your babies if your not feeding crickets. eco earth is pretty good and they dont purposfully eat any substrate so if you want to go for it
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    Before i get one...

    its already formulated for the needs of the gecko. putting things like that in will also make it rot and mold quicker which is your geckos arch enemy. just stick with mixing it with water like it says on the directions and you should be fine. they go crazy over it without adding all that...
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    Before i get one...

    you dont need to add anything in the GCD diet and i dont suggest you do so either. all you need to do is mix it with water. if you want to give treats to your gecko give it some calcium dusted or gut loaded crickets. i usually mist my tank only once a day which is at night were you want the...
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    hello everyone! :)

    yeah, i keep checking on it and its fine. my basement stays down in the low 60's so giving it the light helps balance it to give cleo a good temp were cleo wont be to cold.
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    hello everyone! :)

    i went and purchased a 40 watt 24 hour red bulb for him and seems to be doing fine. so i need to take him out of the 10 gallon and put him in a small critter keeper? i didnt think it would be a problem since ive seen him roaming his cage and already knows were the food and water is.
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    hello everyone! :)

    well here it is, my cleo and its cage for now
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    hello everyone! :)

    a 60 watt night time bulb like one that glows blue/purple or a red one or a white one? i bought a 60 watt daytime bulb but im going to be returning it tomorrow to just buy the nighttime one. would it be alright to run the nighttime bulb all day just to keep the temp at a constant?
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    hello everyone! :)

    thank you :) i have my first question already. my crestie is downstairs and it gets a little bit nippy at night down here. i was wondering what light you suggest for keeping them warm enough at night around that 75 degrees area? i believe at night its about 60ish downstairs. its not a tall tank...
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    hello everyone! :)

    hello guys! just went and picked up my new baby crestie today. ill be posting pics up soon of it. i named it cleo because of the beautiful cream colors it has. hope i can learn lots from you guys and make my crested happy