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  1. Neo.Reptiliac

    My first pair of fatties <3

    Welp I got my first pair of fat tail geckos in today. I LOOOOVE them they are so adorable, I cant wait to breed these guys next year.
  2. Neo.Reptiliac

    Super Snow ph Raptor

    09 Male Super Snow ph Raptor Leopard Gecko - $150 + $35 Shipping.
  3. Neo.Reptiliac

    Updated NeoReptiliac with a new feature.

    A friend told me about yahoo's new tool called a Ping Box. Its pretty neat, it acts like a chat box. The only draw back is that other visitors cant see each other's posts. Only the visitor and I can communicate when I'm signed into my yahoo account. But either way its still something neat in my...
  4. Neo.Reptiliac

    Normal I think?

    I'm not very good at telling you the name of most ball python morphs. But I think that this one is a normal for sure. I got this one today and the owners didn't know much about reptiles so they couldn't even tell me the gender. I'm not sure what the gender is either though so I cant say much...
  5. Neo.Reptiliac

    Lighting - suggestions and advice needed

    I always find my worst enemy is lighting. Usually too little of it, colors are off, or too much from my auto flash making the photo over exposed. If someone could take the time and run some suggestions by me I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Neo.Reptiliac

    Work in Progress~

    X_x doing this site has gave me a headache. Why am I redoing my site? Cause of a few reasons. 1. My laptop which I had been storing all of my previous stuff and programs; kicked the bucket on me and I lost everything. 2. A friend gave me his Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3 and much more other...
  7. Neo.Reptiliac

    Outdoor pics - They remind me of boston cream pies

    I used my whitebox outside today (the box still needs some work. Maybe some day I will stop being so cheap with my props and get a real one.) Anyways, I took my 3 crested geckos outside. 2 of them are around 4 months old and the other is very young, around 1 month old. I think the older ones...
  8. Neo.Reptiliac


    I had more then in these photos but reicently lost some. =D anyways I let them out during the day for a little while as I work in the gardens. I feed them at the same time so they all are really friendly and dont run from you or anything cause of this. Helps too that I raised them all from...
  9. Neo.Reptiliac

    Sunglow Motley Corn

    I have never been one for Corn snakes. But.. Reicently I was helping a friend of mine find out what kind of corn snake she has. In the process I came across a morph I just have to have. So I bought me a pair today and will be getting them next week in the mail. =) I will have photos of them when...
  10. Neo.Reptiliac

    Having fun trying different things.

    I decided the other night to take some photos using a different type of settings and props then I normaly use. I got a cooler and put a grape root decoration inside it. Put it in a good lit area, used a flash filter so I didnt bleach everything out with the flash and ta da. Here is some and more...
  11. Neo.Reptiliac

    Gem Snow combinations and questions.

    Welp I'm getting a gem snow het raptor from nevin here soon. And I was curious about a few things. I haven't been able to find a good source of information to help me determine whats special about the differences between a Gem snow and Mack snow that help tell them apart. And also I was curious...
  12. Neo.Reptiliac

    Orange Belly and Feet Super Snow?

    Ok so my young geckos I got around a month ago has started to throw me for a loop. First of all I had a Super Snow Albino get a paradox spot on her side and front left leg. Now I go to clean tonight and notice that Mittens, my Super Snow het Raptor female has under-gone a change almost over...
  13. Neo.Reptiliac

    Paradox Spots.

    Some friends of mine said that the spots starting to pop up on this girl are called paradox spots. =) I think they are cute none the less.
  14. Neo.Reptiliac

    And then there was 5. - Update

    Ah ha! I can finally make threads again. =D Ok So I took some update photos of the group of 5 that I got a few weeks ago. So here they are =) . . This one above and below keeps getting darker despite the temps being good. Same one both above and below. Flash sort of bleached out...
  15. Neo.Reptiliac

    My new cutie =D Eclipse Raptor

    She's a smexy girl. Dont you think? .
  16. Neo.Reptiliac

    Mittens - SSnow het Raptor

    =D I got Mittens along with some others, a week ago. She is growing nicely. Got rid of that stuck shed she had when I got her too. Here is some photos I took today before my camera's batteries died (expected them too. I did after all steal them out the remote.) lol . . . .
  17. Neo.Reptiliac

    Freckles Update

    Well I got Freckles on July 31st. She's a Snow Enigma het Raptor. =D she has done some growing since I got her. Thought I would update on her here at the forums for all to enjoy. . . She has some awesome eyes imo. From a distance they look blueish black and if you get up really...
  18. Neo.Reptiliac

    My first Raptor =D

    I got this today from Ron Tremper. =D aint he a beaut? . .
  19. Neo.Reptiliac

    Need a little help.

    I have tried using that genetics wizard and suck at figuring it out. Yes I admit this and yes it does make me feel stupid lol. Anyways I wanted to ask for the outcomes of a few match makes in my gecko breeders for next year. I know a few of the outcomes but I want to know if there is any Im...