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    Nighttime humidity for Juvenile Madagascar day gecko

    So my daytime humidity is between 55-65% and I was wondering what I should do for night time humidity be? right now I have it going to 75%-80%. I have a bioactive setup.
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    My Madagascar Giant Day Gecko Enclosure

    What do you guys think about my Madagascar Giant Day Geckos Enclosure. I have a birdnests fern, Pothos, and Bromiliad in there. I also added Springtails in there to make it bioactive. My light is a 35w Halogen build (planning on replacing with a 25w bulb) and I have a 13w UV compact light...
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    Giant Day Gecko Lighting.

    So I am planning on purchasing a Madagascar Giant Day Gecko and I am wondering what lights work best. I have a spare Double Dome that a friend gave me but I know that those aren't too good because they don't allow for full spectrum UVB. So what should I use? Should I use the linear UVB light or...
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    Giant Madagascar Day Gecko Advice

    Hello guys so I'm getting big into the reptile keeping hobby an as of right now I have a Jacksons Chameleon and I already decided that my next reptile will be a Giant Madagascar Day Gecko. I was wondering which light bulbs and UVB is best for them I have a 18x18x32 Screen cage that I intend on...