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  1. Northstar Herp

    2012 Auric Hatchlings for sale

    They're both 7g, the stripe looks female so far and the retic I beilieve to be male. Prices plus shipping. $180 for the retic, should be a gorgeous adult. $150 for the stripe. They both have a lot of coloring up to do Today A few weeks ago in natural light The Stripe...
  2. Northstar Herp

    Jim and Barbara hatchlings

    Their first, and my first leachie hatchlings.
  3. Northstar Herp

    Sharing an x-ray

    Thought folks might wanna see this. It's not every day you get a gecko x-rayed...
  4. Northstar Herp

    Leapin' Leachies animals at Manchester, NH expo Oct. 9th

    I'll be at the Manchester, NH show again this October, and MAY have some random animals from Leapin' Leachies but it depends on how hectic it is for Steve to pack for Tinley which is on the same day as this show. However, I can pre-sell anything you want that he has and bring it with me for...
  5. Northstar Herp

    The Herpetoculture of Leopard Geckos

    Used but like new. Just checked Amazon and it's selling for $89 new. I'll ask $50 shipped.
  6. Northstar Herp

    NOVA Temp Sexed Female

    She was 11g a few days ago, eating well on mealworms. She's got two solid red eyes. If she's anything like the NOVAS I hatched last year, she'll be plenty pretty this time next year. $70 plus shipping
  7. Northstar Herp


    I often find my gargoyles in unusual resting positions, but this one looks pretty comfy. She's sunning under a lightbulb.
  8. Northstar Herp

    Caught in the act

    So this is what I came home to today... and then after a smidge of help just to be sure it was alright...
  9. Northstar Herp

    Macro face shot

    Finally got a decent one...
  10. Northstar Herp

    Have you tried CGD?

    I so desperately love polls, and while I was mixing up some Repashy Fig CGD for the rhacs I thought one up. I just want to know if I'm the only one who has acted on his impulse that CGD smells good enough to eat... Those of you who have, share which flavors you've tried and which is your...
  11. Northstar Herp

    Uroplatus Bible

    I have three copies coming in shortly and they will be for sale. Total shipped to your door will probably be around $70. I will give an exact number to you if you provide your zip code, and once I see exactly what the shipping was to me from out of country.
  12. Northstar Herp

    Barbara and Jim- The Sorensens

    I haven't posted pics of them in a while, especially the male now that he's coloring up a bit. She's 9" and just under 100g, and he's 8" and 73g. I don't know why, but I always end up with more pics of her than him. Barbara Jim
  13. Northstar Herp

    First hatchling of the year

    I have a few more in the cooker, but this one is out already. Gargoyle babies are sooooo cute :p
  14. Northstar Herp

    Mealworm Colony

    Recently sold out of leopard geckos, so I don't need my mealworms any more. I have a few tubs of them, and can separate them if I have someone interested and give pics and estimate the numbers. Make me an offer if you want to get started breeding your own mealies!
  15. Northstar Herp

    New gargs

    Got these guys from a friend today at the NH show. Both unsexed, and though I have my opinions on what they are, I'll just keep quiet for now... They're pretty little, but I love 'em already, and I think they're both dead sexy. Gargoyles are really growing on me... Garg400 Garg300
  16. Northstar Herp

    Leachianus at New England Expo- April 3rd

    I'm gonna be there vending and will have some of Leapin' Leachies animals with me. The reason for the ad is because I'm certainly not going to have ALL of them, and this is the first time his animals will be at that show. If you'll be there and want something specific, PM me and I can be sure...
  17. Northstar Herp

    Good video, GREAT narration!

    The Honey Badger
  18. Northstar Herp

    on being self-employed in a down economy

    So I've been needing to go on a tirade for a while now, and this is about the safest place for that to happen without me losing business, so here it goes. I've been a self-employed carpenter for over five years now, and I've learned a lot about business in that time. Lots of it is good, some...
  19. Northstar Herp

    VERY young leachie just laid eggs!

    So my female is 13+ months old now, and I just notice two days ago that she laid her first clutch! Of course, I'm pretty sure they aren't fertile but I'm incubating them anyway, just in case there is anything to the parthenogenesis in leachies thing. The thing that's amazing is how young she...
  20. Northstar Herp

    Winer frolic

    Alright, it should read "Winter Frolic". What do you when you get massive snowstorms back to back? Well, here in sunny NH, we make a back yard luge run. The whole thing is about 100 ft long with a jump about 75% of the way down. Here is a pic of me yesterday "gettin' my sled on"...