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  1. RadReptiles831

    Last of my Leo's for sale

    I need to sell the last of my leos. I'm looking to sell them as a group. I have 6 left and I will cover shipping. w/y raptor f Snow het radar pair Bold bandit f Snow eclipse het raptor m Dreamsickle f (rescue missing fingers on left hand and enigma syndrome) Not really set on a price just...
  2. RadReptiles831

    collection Sale

    Life has got to be too busy for my leos. Ive sold a lot on here in the last few months and now i think the rest have to go. I can email or text pics if interested. I don't have a set price on these and if i have to keep them i will. Its a lot easier to take care of these then the 50 i used to...
  3. RadReptiles831

    Dreamsickle and other morphs for sale.

    Im looking to move some of my geckos quick. Shipping is extra and prices are OBO. Buy any gecko and get a free baby tremper het raptor. My email is [email protected] Dreamsickle female juvie $150 Snow Bell male $70 Tang het Radar male $80 Jungle tremper Sunglow het patty...
  4. RadReptiles831

    adults and babies for sale. 3 for $200 shipped plus a free baby.

    Need to move out some more geckos quick. Sorry for the poor lighting in the pics. Buy any 3 leos for $200 shipped and get a free baby. Email at [email protected] Jungle tremper sunglow het patty(female) Tang het radar(male) Snow bell(male) Baby snow bell#1 Baby...
  5. RadReptiles831

    leos for sale adults and babies/ Nova,super raptor,bells, snows and more....

    Here is a link to my photobucket with the leos i have for sale. Open to offers and pick up or shipping is available. Please PM or email me [email protected] Leos For Sale Slideshow by radreptiles831 | Photobucket
  6. RadReptiles831

    female morphs....

    I got a few female morph ball pythons I'm looking to sell. Open to offers. Female spider 700 grams Female pinstripe 650 grams Female enchi 170 grams Female 66% het clown 300+ grams Male possible enchi 150 grams Please email me at [email protected]
  7. RadReptiles831

    super raptor female need to sell!

    I need to sell this female super raptor asap! She was born late last year and is doing great feeding on super worms and dubias. Im asking $150 shipped obo. Please only serious inquires. Email me at [email protected] I will also throw in two other female geckos for $200 shipped if...
  8. RadReptiles831

    2 for $60 sale

    Tremper jungle sunglow Snow ph raptor Sht 100% het bell ph eclipse Snow tremper eclipse....very little eye pigment Jungle male Snow tremper Snow Snow tremper I also have a male sht eclipse and a female super raptor for sale Asking $60 for the male...
  9. RadReptiles831

    Slimming down Sale

    What's up GFers. Im trying to slim down my collection to concentrate on certain projects. I cant load pics right now but i can text them if your interested. I have: Snow Snow tremper Jungle sunglow Snow tremper eclipse Sht Sht eclipse male Jungle het bell ph eclipse Super raptor female...
  10. RadReptiles831

    Looking for a W/Y

    Looking for a w/y male or female any morph would do. i just want to get into the project. email me at [email protected] Thanks.
  11. RadReptiles831

    baby leo morphs

    I have a few baby leo morphs available. I have snows snowglows sunglows raptors and a super raptor. All were born this year with in a month or two. Shipping is available once they reach a safe weight to ship but local pick up is always welcomed. I have pick i can text or email but im on my phone...
  12. RadReptiles831

    need some help with my garg.

    Ok.... so ive had my garg for about 1yr and she seems to be growing super slow. She wasa a hatchling when i got her. Im just feeding her CGD. I've tried crickets and she didn't seem too interested in them. What can i do to get some good weight and size on her? I currently have her in an...
  13. RadReptiles831

    Snow Raptor & Bell Snow Enigma

    These were two hold backs from 2011. Need some extra cash so they are up for sale. Im also interested in a trade for a sub-adult/adult normal female ball. Please email me at [email protected] or message me here. Thanks. Snow Raptor 2011 female about 32grams $75 obo + shipping...
  14. RadReptiles831

    100 mixed dubias plus 2 adult pairs $25 shipped

    100 mixed dubias plus 2 adult pairs for $25 shipped usps priority. Limited quantities available so hit me up quick. [email protected]
  15. RadReptiles831

    Super Raptor male 2011 $75

    Title says it all. please email with any inquires @ [email protected] i need to sell this guy asap. Also female enigma 2011 for $40 all are plus shipping from 93960.
  16. RadReptiles831

    Dubias 500 mixed for $40

    Im super over loaded with dubias. Im sell 500 mixed for only $40 plus shipping or pick up in Salinas California if your local. You won't find any cheaper. Act fast cuz Im only offering a few lots to get my colony down to a reasonable size. Email me at [email protected]
  17. RadReptiles831

    Sacramento reptile show!

    Just wanted to see who's going to the Sac show Oct. 29-30. The Sac shows are always awesome !
  18. RadReptiles831

    Super raptor, Snow Raptor, Snow Tremper, Bell Snow Enigma

    All up for grabs!!!!! Super Raptor female $100 Snow Raptor female $50 Snow Tremper female $40 Bell Snow Enigma male $50 Shipping available. All are 2011 babies and doing great! Email me at [email protected]
  19. RadReptiles831

    A few hold backs up for sale!

    Im putting up a few of may hold backs to fund a new snake addiction....LOL. these are all great geckos and very well started. I dont really have a set price for these so feel free to make offers. i would like to have them sold by mid october if not i will most likely keep them. if you have any...
  20. RadReptiles831

    $50 for a pair of cresties

    ***SOLD******$50 for a pair of cresties*** Title says it all. $50 for a pair of cresties . I have 4.2 so if you eantbmale and female act fast. Shipping not included but local pickup is fine too. Please email with any questions [email protected] more pics available upon request. Female...