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  1. sweetsnakes

    Wanted: Racks in DFW area

    If you have any hatchling to adult racks and your near the dfw area let me know the size and price
  2. sweetsnakes

    Pics from cleanin day

    Just a few more pics for cleanin day this week MSTA het raptor came out to inspect my work [/IMG] one of my sunglows [/IMG aptor het raptor [/IMG]
  3. sweetsnakes

    Some updated babie pics

    was cleanin some cages and decided to take a few pics the first 2 geckos are clutch mates from a MSTA het raptor x MSTA het raptor im really hoping the first one proves out to be a SSR [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] next is my aptor het ember [/IMG] [/IMG] these next 2 are not babies they...
  4. sweetsnakes

    : Racks in DFW area

    I live in the DFW area and am in need of hatchling and adult gecko racks if you have any available and your close to DFW let me know what you have and the prices
  5. sweetsnakes

    new babies raptors het embers

    here a couple more hatchlings we've had here recently im excited about these 2. lemmie know what ya think of em First is a raptor het ember [/IMG] [/IMG] next is what seems to be a banded raptor het ember. Its eyes have stayed solid ruby so far, I hope they stay that way [/IMG] [/IMG]
  6. sweetsnakes

    3 new hatchlings

    Here are three of my new hatchlings first 2 pics are a temp sexed MS het albino, patty 66% poss het raptor [/IMG] [/IMG] next is a norm het albino and patty 66% poss het raptor hatch mate to the ms above. [/IMG] and last is a temp sexed female that is het albino,patty,and blizz 50% poss...
  7. sweetsnakes

    insect suppliers in tx?

    Does anyone know of any insect suppliers in north texas im growing some of my own mealworms but they are not big enough quite yet and everytime i order from somewhere out of state it costs just as much for shipping as the worms cost. im needing like 5000 mealworms or about 2000 super worms. and...
  8. sweetsnakes

    Our first baby!!!!!!

    This is our first baby it may look normal but it has alot of stuff in her. Shes het Talbino,blizzard and murphy patt. poss het raptor, and she has an attitude big time all i have to do is get close to her tub and she starts screeching and barking at me like she the biggest gecko ever lol but we...
  9. sweetsnakes

    some new additions

    just got some new geckos in so I snapped a few shots while I was un packing them. the first 3 pics are female BB poss het DB [/IMG] [/IMG] next is a female MSS male Blanco het DB sunglows and 3 banded albinos
  10. sweetsnakes

    My New Sunglow

    Ok I know this aint a leo buy I had to show him off. Just picked him up last night. Hes gonna go great with my DH sunglow female and my het albinos. Sorry for the crappy pics but my media card reader quit working on my computer so im having to use my cell phone for pics till I can get it fixed...
  11. sweetsnakes

    Need some help with a couple more morphs

    Ok I picked these girls up last night the first 2 pics are of whats supposed to be a MSTA female she just looks TA to me but im no expert yet and the second i just dont know shes real pretty he said shes a hypo and he supposedly got them at a expo from a reputable breeder but i just want some...
  12. sweetsnakes

    Need A Confirmaton on morph

    ok I am about to get this male the guy is selling him as a MSTA everything looks good to me just wanted to run him by a few of yall and make sure hes a MSTA hes definatly a tremper and im pretty sure hes MS too lemmie know what ya think and sorry for the bad pic. [/IMG]
  13. sweetsnakes


    Does anyone have any pics of mack snow raptors as hatchlings and adults I have some eggs cooking and some could end up being mack snow raptors and I havnt been able to find any that I was sure were mack snow raptors. when i googled em I got pics of a every morph except the one i googled lol.I...
  14. sweetsnakes

    what do I have here

    ok I just picked up these 2 little ones got a good deal on em the first im pretty sure is a patternless and its a pig its been eating non stop since i got em last night must not have been getting all it wanted in its last home but ill fatten it up.but the second one i don't know may be a normal...
  15. sweetsnakes

    Our first egg

    Sorry for the crappy pic it was done with mt cell phone but this is our first egg and it looks good solid white nice hard shell. I'm really glad I got into geckos Ive never had such quick breeding success with any other reptiles. I got these leos from Kelli about 3 weeks ago. She said give em a...
  16. sweetsnakes

    Question about little giant incubator

    Has anyone had any expierence with these incubators they look almost just like the hovas but I found the little giants and hovas locally, but the little giants are about 10 bucks cheaper at TS than the hovas are at the local feed store. any feed back on them would be appreciated. Thanks, Jacob