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  1. sweetsnakes

    Wanted: Racks in DFW area

    If you have any hatchling to adult racks and your near the dfw area let me know the size and price
  2. sweetsnakes

    I want to see your fav. enigmas!

    Heres my fav Hes the sunglow enigma het raptor I got from Bryan aka porkchop75 [/IMG]
  3. sweetsnakes

    Pics from cleanin day

    Just a few more pics for cleanin day this week MSTA het raptor came out to inspect my work [/IMG] one of my sunglows [/IMG aptor het raptor [/IMG]
  4. sweetsnakes

    Las Vegas or Tremper patternless?

    you guys are lucky i never find anything but normals lol
  5. sweetsnakes

    Las Vegas or Tremper patternless?

    what petstores are yall shopping at the only patternless geckos ive found at petstores are murphy patternless. ive never found rainwaters at any petstore i need to shop where yall do lol
  6. sweetsnakes

    Eyepics Blzzard vs. Blazing Blizzard

    top pic Blizzard bottom pic Blazing Blizzard [/IMG] [/IMG]
  7. sweetsnakes

    Eyepics Blzzard vs. Blazing Blizzard

    the 2 animals you have pictured are blizzards
  8. sweetsnakes

    Eyepics Blzzard vs. Blazing Blizzard

    heres some pics of my blanco het diablo blanco hes a BB he fought me the whole time but i hope these help. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  9. sweetsnakes

    Eyepics Blzzard vs. Blazing Blizzard

    ill try and get some pics of some of my BB eyes so you can compare my BB eyes are all really variable 2 of my BB look DB but its just the blizz gene screwing with their eyes but theres no mistaking the albino eyes.
  10. sweetsnakes

    a few pics that I really like...

    nice one I have a poss SSR thats a mirror of yours im hoping to prove too I hope we both have a SSR [/IMG]
  11. sweetsnakes

    My New Additions Pt 2

    cool pick ups
  12. sweetsnakes


    very nice
  13. sweetsnakes

    Absolute Favorites

    i never have been a big fan of just eclipses always thought they were kind of drab but you have changed my mind with those 2
  14. sweetsnakes

    and...... MY RADAR :)

    nice that thing looks like it would glow in the dark
  15. sweetsnakes

    Eyepics Blzzard vs. Blazing Blizzard

    those look like normal blizz eyes BB eyes should have the albino eyes if im not mistaken
  16. sweetsnakes

    Some updated babie pics

    was cleanin some cages and decided to take a few pics the first 2 geckos are clutch mates from a MSTA het raptor x MSTA het raptor im really hoping the first one proves out to be a SSR [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] next is my aptor het ember [/IMG] [/IMG] these next 2 are not babies they...
  17. sweetsnakes

    : Racks in DFW area

    I live in the DFW area and am in need of hatchling and adult gecko racks if you have any available and your close to DFW let me know what you have and the prices
  18. sweetsnakes

    Banded raptor or red eyed albino?

    wouldn't eclipse albino work too since its the eclipse gene at work?
  19. sweetsnakes

    A Little BS

    thats my kind of bs lol
  20. sweetsnakes

    Three strikes you're out!?!?!

    haha my little ones get me all the time i guess i stay on edge from handling and feeding my boas so every time my baby geckos screech and jump i yank my hand out like they are a 7ft boa they get me every time. But it makes good entertainment for my wife she laughs at me the whole time im cleanin...