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    Super snow female

    Hello, I have a juvenile super snow female. I can sell her with her juvenile 10 gallon setup(tank, screen lid, reptile carpet and non adhesive shelf liner, water dish, food dish, repashy plus calcium, leftover food(live), warm hide, cold hide, humid hide, leaf decor, under tank heating pad and...
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    Male or female

    Trying to determine if my baby’s is a male or female, unsure of age as it’s a super snow so no banding. He or she is roughly 5 inches long.
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    Uth and thermostat

    So after realizing my uth was getting too warm(he wasn’t harmed) I purchased a thermostat, I hooked it up and set it to max out at 34 Celsius. The probe is taped down directly underneath the warm hide on the top of my substrate. Was all of this done correctly? I want to make sure he’s healthy...
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    Shelf liner and fake plants

    Hello, so I’ve read shelf liner and fake plants from craft stores are okay however, I want to make sure. I got the non adhesive smooth top easy liner shelf liner by ducky brand and two leafy fake plants, are both of these okay? I’m mostly worried about the glue on the fake plants and the vinyl...
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    Trying to find breeders

    Hello, I am trying to find out if there are any breeders in my area and am having the worst time trying to find any information, does anyone have any recommendations? I’m in North Carolina.
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    Hello, I am new to reptiles in general and have been doing a lot of research on leopard geckos before purchasing one and have joined here to get some first hand experienced cares information. Any and all info is welcome. I love the black and white snow morphs and am thinking about getting one...