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    canada breeders expo whos going?

    i know this is basically an american site but im wondering who is going to go to th canada breeders expo in september? i hopefully will be there and would love to come home with a few ball python morphs and of course some new geckos awell
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    my 100 percent het albino male

    i cant wait for him to be breeding size i have a nice female i want to pair him up with thats also 100 percent het albino
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    oshawa ontario canada

    hey there i have 6 hatchlings that are ready to go or almost ready to go i need to make room as i have eggs hatching on a weekly basis they are all normals for now and im selling them for 30 for 1 50 for 2 for more we can work a good deal i have pics if you want to see them just pm me...
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    garden snakes are dangerous plez read

    Snakes also known as Garter Snakes (Thamnophissirtalis) can be dangerous. Yes, grass snakes, not rattlesnakes. Here's why. A couple in Sweetwater , Texas , had a lot of potted plants. During a recent cold spell, the wife was bringing a lot of them onto their porch to protect them from a...
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    had an escapee and never found him in time

    as the title says i had an escapee today and i never found him in time which is weird cause he was a green amevia wich is a dayurnal animal he was a smart lil bugger jummping at the rear sliding doors and opening them up just enuff to squeeze thru, i came home and saw the cat with something...
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    2 weeks no food why ?

    i have this 5 foot amel male corn snake that hasnt eaten in 2 weeks im feeding him rat pups and has always enhaled them every time the temps are 86 and 73 hes in a 30 gallon long tank with eco earth substrate he drinks and poops but wont eat at all hewell look at the pup but wont eat it im...
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    photo contest

    i was just browsing threw the threads and saw an amazinging pic of a dreamsicle het coming out of its egg and thought of a photo contest or pic of the week i think its kinda a cool idea of people taken more photos of their geckos any one eles like this idea?
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    home from the missisauga show what a day

    i just got home from the missisauga reptile show and what a great day got there early and pickd up a male leo raptor as well as a sunglow from tug then i got 2 white spot geckos and a pigmy chameleon my mom (who always said that she wasnt getting a snake) picked up a ball python het for albino...
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    cant wait 5 more days

    i cant wait for this sunday im going to the missisauga expo and am looking to pick up some new geckos im looking for a raptor and a mack snow and possibly an enigma also get some silk worms for my chameleon and also some rats for my snakes im hoping its going to be a great day
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    here we go again why even put a post if all you say is +1 there is no point its very annoying if your lookin for something and all you see is +1 under a post grrr it gets me so mad cuz almost every one here does it!!!!! why is my question to all you people that use it if thats all your...
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    help crstie looks almost dead

    ok so heres the storry my mle crestie has been eating pooping and drinking with out a problem today i go into his tank and he is barely moving when i place him on the floor of the tank he just sits there lifeless i tried o feed him and he ignores his food (crickets) then whe i try to place one...
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    screen enclosure?

    would a crestie do good in a screen enclosure? i would love to give him more room iv filled it with plants and logs so lots of places to hide any ideas?
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    a lizard that is least liked

    so i have these 3 green amevias that are housed together and i love them the are a member of the tegu family and love crickets all sorts of worms and mice i feed mie a diet of crickets and every week a mouse to help them with the calcium today i was feeding my meal worms and thought the amevias...
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    so as you all know by now canada is number one in hockey once again and forever will be number one we produce so many high quality players its unbeleivible that usa beat them once but not the seconde time IM PROUD TO BE A CANAIDAN
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    stupid city by law

    i wasnt sure on where to place this so forgive me if its in the wrong catogory and for give me for my spelling mistakes i have been attending city by law meetings since april and it looks like the city has won for now they are asking for pythons and constrictors scorpians trantulas all to...
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    please i d this sanke i think the ad is wrong to me it dosent look like a corn snake
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    very sad news about my crestie egg

    well today i was cleaning and doing some reptile retalted jobs and lookd at my crestie egg in the incubator it was all dented and dried up for about a week (someone unplugd my incubator and never told me ) anyways i figured i would break this dead egg open to see what was happening and found a...
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    finally eggs

    finally my veild has stard to lay some eggs i have 2 perfect eggs in the incubator right now and will have more tomorrow hopefully does any one know how long it will take to hatch them this is my first time breeding veilds and have found some mixd up info about hatching times
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    engulfd a rat pinkie alive

    today i was going to feed my snakes and noticed my female corn was in a shed and she never eats whiles shes shedding so i saw my amevias looking at me with this rat pinkie in my hands so i decided to throw it in with them since they will eat mice i figured they would be happy with this rat...
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    veild leg issues (also gravid)

    my female veild is gravid and is due to lay any say now ( shes gone off her food for the last 3 day) she has about a foot a eco earth in the bottom of her screen tank and has a hudge hole dug up but no eggs as of yet but she has been poping he on rear leg out of its joint my vet isnt in for...