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  1. jmlslayer

    new chest piece i got awhile ago

    i totally forgot topost it here soooo here it is.... imma get it finished when i get more moneys
  2. jmlslayer

    My Sunburst Orange Babboon Tarantula aka OBT

    This is my OBT i have had for about 8 months or so now she/he is pretty sweet... i think its a girl because she is growing slow and that's a sign of being a female...
  3. jmlslayer

    Wanted Boreno Short Tail Python Baby

    I'm looking for a baby Borneo Short tail python please let me know if anyone knows where i can get one for a good price and from a good breeder
  4. jmlslayer

    Happy Birthday Ken...thestack510

  5. jmlslayer

    gone and forgotten....or so i think

    So i have been missing..... death comes to mind no? But no i didnt die like you all think so here i am back :main_rolleyes:
  6. jmlslayer

    Kidneys are the worse organ EVER

    Apparently mine hate me and want to fail to work..... so beacuse of that i now have high blood pressure and on diet restrictions, ill name some of the things i cant eat, All the best things!!!!!!!!! ugg i'm hella depressed i slept all day haven't talked to none of my friends and don't feel like...
  7. jmlslayer

    funny add There are other "bug barriers" that folks sell and use- vaseline, grease, creamed boogers of the Hairless Himalayan Yak, but those products attract lint, dirt, dust, gnats and more. Bug Stop dries, doesn't wipe off easily, contains no...
  8. jmlslayer

    These dang things....

    grow so freaking slow
  9. jmlslayer

    gecko update

    Here are my geckos super snow female. she has lost weight and not eating she is going to the vet this weekend. Mack snow bell female from Kelli H Bell Male from Kelli H Mack eclipse 100% het RAPTOR male from Juan SHTB female Tang tremper female laying tremper...
  10. jmlslayer

    Cal Plus is awesome

    my gex love it and they seem more active with it i recommend it to everyone!!!!
  11. jmlslayer

    SS coughing and weezing

    Idk Why she is doing it but i have seen her do it a lot in the past 2 weeks o i up-ed her temps but she still does it i'm taking her to a Vet on Saturday she eats well and poos good i just dont knw whats wrong. Any idea's? I dont think is RI cuz her tank is only humid when i see her pasty...
  12. jmlslayer

    Hatch date estament

    Alright i got some eggs yesterday from my SHTCT x Talbino and they are still good after 1 day ( HAPPY). they are in the hova at 85 degrees now jw if im right if they are good they should hatch around Feb or late Jan right?
  13. jmlslayer

    Bell male

    i got from Kelli on my bday at the ETHS expo
  14. jmlslayer

    My two cresteds

    Kush born 420 LMAO i dont knw the morph but id say buckskin or cream tiger cuz when fired up he has wicked stripes And My Harlequin
  15. jmlslayer

    updated pics of some of my collection

    Here is my SS from KelliH (some of the pics arent that good) MY SHTCT male from ***** My shtctb fem from ***** my new blizzard het RW i still need to take pics of the 3 trempers, two bells and a mack eclipse:D
  16. jmlslayer

    New Mack eclipse 100% het raptor

    I got this lil beastie from Juan At Kushizm Reptiles and he is a awesome dude i recommend everyone to buy from him :main_thumbsup:
  17. jmlslayer

    blizzard het RW

    bad pic but it works.... it also has one snake eye and i got him for $20
  18. jmlslayer

    updated geckopeople to reptilehub

    so yeah its a better new community i think everyone should join.
  19. jmlslayer

    My crested Kush

    i just bought a red harly and ill get him soon also
  20. jmlslayer

    new site

    take a look and join please