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  1. BalloonzForU

    Huge NS Incubator.

    ONE(1) HUGE NATURE SPIRIT INCUBATOR w/o stat, price brand new is $650, send email to [email protected] to make an offer. This is not the normal sized one, this is the oversized custom one that Casey started making.
  2. BalloonzForU

    Two(2) New in the box ANIMAL PLASTICS RACKS

    FOR PICK UP ONLY!! Grand Blanc, MI, just south of Flint. FOR SALE!! Two(2) New in the box ANIMAL PLASTICS RACKS: 1851(13) 39 tub black, Belly Heat (cable). Normally priced at $515 each through AP. Send email with offer to [email protected]
  3. BalloonzForU

    I love it!!! No better way to get kids into the classics!!! :main_thumbsup:
  4. BalloonzForU

    Did you vote for Obama?? Blind Poll!!!

    This is a blind poll, no one can see your answers. If you are proud of your answer feel free to post here. FYI: I will close this thread and hand out infractions if anyone attacks another member for their political views.
  5. BalloonzForU

    East Clevleand Mayor cought in crossdressing scandal *Fe shakes head*
  6. BalloonzForU

    Before I cancel my hotel for Tinley

    Does anyone need a hotel room at the Holiday Inn? The room is NOT one of the discounted rooms. Room Type: KING BED JACUZZI GUESTROOM SMOKING - MAX PER ROOM PERSON(S) :5 Check-in Time: 04:00 PM Check-out Time: 12:00 PM Room is $226.00 + plus tax per night, booked Fri, Sat and...
  7. BalloonzForU

    Rest In Peace Grandma

    I just got the call I had been warned was coming, my grandma has passed away. I was able to say my goodbye's to her during Easter vacation when Zach, Tori and I drove down to FL. She passed away peacefully in her sleep while at home where she wanted to be, with her husband, son (my father)...
  8. BalloonzForU

    Working on new logo for TRR.

    Please let me know what you guys think?! Here's the old header image. Here's the one I just finished. I wanted to keep it clean and simple. I'd also like to thank Gregg Madden for allowing me to use his image of his baby gaboons. :main_yes:
  9. BalloonzForU

    I can't manage to get away from colubrids..

    Colubrids are mainly my husbands deal but I ended up with these little cuties from our only colubrid clutch of the year, female was not bred this year but obviously retained sperm. I usually don't handle his colubrids because they are usually very bitty and well I'll let him get bit, however...
  10. BalloonzForU

    Two Word Phrase game.....

    Ok, Just for fun and I'm slightly board with this stupid cold. I'm going to start off with a two word phrase then the next person is going to replace one word and we go on from there. Example: Fun Times, Times Fly, Fly By
  11. BalloonzForU

    Robin, is this your mouse???

  12. BalloonzForU

    As a mom I'm a little confused....

    Since when does Dr. Ruth belong on a little kids program? She was just on Between the Lions on PBS.. :main_huh: I didn't know what to think but I did lmao as soon as I heard her voice and looked up and saw that it was indeed her!!
  13. BalloonzForU

    Happy Birthday Gregg M!!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Blue Eyes aka Trouble!!! :p
  14. BalloonzForU

    I'm sick and....

    so is Zach. I kept Zach from school today because they would have just called and had me pick him up. Zach asked me what quarentine meant and I said it was what I was doing by keeping him home from school, to keep his germs away from the kids at school so they do not get sick as well. Then...
  15. BalloonzForU

    Welcome Back, Marula!!

    Great to see you back and posting again!! :main_yes:
  16. BalloonzForU

    Tori has somethin' to say.....

    ,;/' f d.llk][z xz[kiikjjjmjm9[p' s]
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    Anyone else here have sugar issues? I have what they call reactive hypoglycemia, in other words when I eat something sweet my pancreas creates too much insulin too fast and my sugar levels drop like a ton of brick, which in turn causes a massive adrenaline rush which is no fun. God I hate...
  18. BalloonzForU

    Yep more of Tori....

    She's is really enjoying self feeding!! :)
  19. BalloonzForU

    Down side of breeding rats for feeders....

    They are sooooo CUTE!! Well I went to clean some rat tubs last week and found fresh litters so I couldn't change out the bedding because every time I do that they end up killing the babies because my smell is all over them. So I wait a few days for them to get some fur and find more litters...
  20. BalloonzForU

    Pandora Jewelry....

    Anyone else here into Pandora? Post pics of yours!! I'd like to see differnt designs. If not check out the link, you can even build your own online so you know what it will look like, how it will fit and cost before you buy. This can take hours when you're in a jewelry store tying to pick...