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  1. T-ReXx

    Last of this years gargs and a male U. henkeli

    Clearing out the rest of this years aurics before shipping weather disappears. All rhacs are housed individually and fed Repashy CGD. Unsexed unless otherwise noted. Health and live arrival are guaranteed. All prices are plus shipping. I ship through SYR for exact shipping cost. Heat and cool...
  2. T-ReXx

    0.1 2011 Black Blood Python

    I've decided to focus on my red bloods and not pursue blacks at this time so I'm making this girl available. She is over 500grams, very tame, and an eating MACHINE. Pounds ft small rats like there's no tomorrow. Blacks are the calmest bloods so if you are planning on working with blood pythons...
  3. T-ReXx

    1.0 2010 NERD line pastel

    I have a 2010 male pastel available. 728 grams empty. Feeding on live small rats. Has locked twice this season. NERD line. Healthy male ready for females NOW. Asking $160.00 shipped. Shipping is weather dependent. Payment through Paypal is preferred. No trades at this time. Thanks
  4. T-ReXx

    1.0 Adult LTC Uroplatus fimbriatus

    I have a single adut male Giant Leaf Tailed Gecko(U. fimbriatus) for sale. He is 3 years LTC, fully acclimated, and feeds voraciously on dubia and large crickets. I am male heavy so he can go to someone else. Very healthy animal, you don't see many Uroplatus anymore and few are as well...
  5. T-ReXx

    White Plains pickups

    So thanks to my Buddy Kev(Northstarherp) I added some rather nice gargs to my collection at white plains last weekend. RedStripe Orange Blotch Yellow retic male I also completed some pairs of other species. Juvie female sarasinorum from Steve Cemelli(Trogar lines)...
  6. T-ReXx

    White Plains NY Show this Sunday

    Anyone going? I'll be there.
  7. T-ReXx

    More Blood pics

    Female shed out today so I took some fresh pics. Female Male Absolutely in love with these guys. :main_thumbsup:
  8. T-ReXx

    First Blood(s)

    Got this Sumatran Red pair from Robin at R2 Reptiles. They arrived this morning. First time keeping this genus. The male is real easy going. The female(who is a partial stripe) wasn't exactly cooperating(refused to sit still) so I'll have to get better pics of her later. Looking forward to...
  9. T-ReXx

    new pair

    Picked up this pair a little while back. Male is young and needs some growth, but his color is outstanding. Female has some yellow tinting and will be going into a yellow stripe project. Male Female
  10. T-ReXx

    New ones and some updates

    Picked these girls up last month. Female Pastel 1167gs Female Pastel 1038gs And some updated pics of my favorites Token, Pastel male 621gs Spyro, Spider male 657gs Kira, Dinker female with reduced pattern 1036gs
  11. T-ReXx

    Cb uroplatus henkeli

    I have one male Uroplatus henkeli available. Cb 2011 4 grams. Eating dubia nymphs and well started. $350.00+ shipping. Email at [email protected] with questions/interest. Thanks Ted
  12. T-ReXx

    Jeremiah Update

    Snapped a few pics of Jeremiah; my male Sarasinorum today. He's put on 11 grams since I got him. I know everyone says saras are squirrely, but this guy is calmer than most of my cresties and is quickly becoming a favorite. Can't wait to get him a girlfriend for next year. :D
  13. T-ReXx


    What's hatched so far this year. SIDNAN01A SIDNAN01B SIDHOO01A SIDNAN01D SIDHOO01B Still lots more eggs to go. :main_thumbsup:
  14. T-ReXx

    proven pin male and hets

    Taking a different direction with my ball projects. All snakes feeding on rats. Health and sex guaranteed. Shipping done through SYR, PM with zipcode for a quote. Thanks. Proven 2007 male pinstripe, 825grams. Eats anything and feeds while breeding. Great breeder. Replacing him with a...
  15. T-ReXx

    Second garglet of 2011

    #2 of 2011 just hatched out. A little retic. It has a bit of orange to it that looks promising.
  16. T-ReXx

    New male sara

    This guy just arrived this morning. At 29 grams he's still got some growing to do. Gives me some time to find him a girlfriend. :main_thumbsup: New species for me.
  17. T-ReXx

    First garglet ever

    This little one hatched a few days ago. I love baby gargs, so much calmer than the spazzy little ciliatus. And for giggles a couple of cresties that popped today. Love this little one. Most likely a holdback.
  18. T-ReXx

    Second clutch on the ground

    I found my second ball clutch ever this morning, from a big(2300gs) normal female who locked twice with a pinstripe. 8 fertiles(7 clumped, one rollout) and no slugs. She was VERY pissy, lol. That's makes two clutches with a total of 11 eggs so far this year, and the only ones I know for SURE...
  19. T-ReXx

    WooHoo! Eggs!

    I got my first ball clutch ever today. Only 3 eggs but all fertiles! From a smaller 08 poss het pied girl who locked twice with my 100% het pied male and once with my pinstripe male. Laid 31 days past the post ov shed. :D I have a bigger gravid girl who shed 3 days after her so with any luck...
  20. T-ReXx

    TAME Captive Bred Tokay pair

    I need to make some room for 2011 babies so I'm putting this young pair of captive bred tokays up for sale. They are both CAPTIVE BRED and BORN. They are handleable, the male is a little cage aggressive but it's only a little squawking and gaping, he settles down once picked up. The female is...