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  1. GeckoStud

    Getting out of geckos collection sale...

    Unfortunately my wife and I have decided to get out of geckos. With our work and scholastic schedules we just do not have the time or money necessary to keep up with them all. So we have decided that if we cannot afford the time needed for these awesome animals and projects that someone else...
  2. GeckoStud


    Time heals all wounds. Logistically speaking you are but 1 fish in an ocean of nearly 7 billion, I'm sure you'll find another someday if you open your heart again. I am in no way saying that what has happened was for the best, as no one can truly say that. But I can say this, life goes...
  3. GeckoStud

    Girlfriend just doesn't understand

    Luckily my awesome wife shares my passion for geckos. She says I corrupted her haha, and now I think she may love them even more than I do haha. I guess I'm one of the lucky few.
  4. GeckoStud

    Rhacs for Fatties

    I am getting out of my rhacs and am going to focus completely on fat tail geckos. So I decided to try and trade the few rhacs I have left for your fat tails. I have 3 gargoyle geckos, all unsexed. I also have 2 unsexed crested geckos as well. I am looking for just about anything as far as...
  5. GeckoStud

    what actually goes on while u r asleep

    The under pants gnomes come and steal your underwear to make a large profit off them somehow...
  6. GeckoStud

    2 free leopard geckos to a good home in the Pittsburgh Area

    My wife and I have decided to focus totally on fat tail geckos at this point and need to make room. I have 2 leopard geckos that I would like to give to a caring home. One is a female tangerine and the other is a male rain water. The male had some mbd problems when he was young and is a...
  7. GeckoStud

    Hamburg, PA show 4/30

    So pumped for this show! Getting some fat tail geckos that I cannot wait to take and post pictures of :D!!! Really really looking forward to this show! I totally need this after how brutal this semester of classes were.
  8. GeckoStud

    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Frontier Psychiatrist by the Avalanches. Look up the video, it is ... a trip...?
  9. GeckoStud

    Hamburg, PA show 4/30

    I can't wait for this show, it turns out I will be coming home with some more things than I thought I would. Who all is going?!? I have a feeling it's going to be a great show!
  10. GeckoStud

    Outstanding Tangerine Amels

    Amazing color in those animals! Very nice stuff!
  11. GeckoStud


    WHY??!?! Why are people such indecisive and last minute arse holes! Our current roommate is moving out over the summer, which is fine this has been set in stone for a while. So a friend of mine is supposed to take his place, this has also been set in stone for about a month and a half. I get...
  12. GeckoStud

    Red Harley Inkspot Male and Dalmation Female.

    Female is sold
  13. GeckoStud

    Red Harley Inkspot Male and Dalmation Female.

    Red Harley male with some nice ink spots for sale and a nicely speckled dalmatian female. Both have been bred to each other and are proven breeders. I can get pics of some of their offspring if desired. The male is 170 plus shipping OBO The female is 100 plus shipping OBO Take the pair for...
  14. GeckoStud

    Hamburg, PA show 4/30

    Who all is going out to the Hamburg show on the 30th? I'll be going to get some long awaited animals from Pat and will also be bringing some gargoyles along with me to sell or trade as well. I have a feeling its gonna be a great show!
  15. GeckoStud


    Amazing fattie!
  16. GeckoStud

    Gargoyles for sale.

    I was originally going to edit this post but I realize I cannot do that for some reason. However I have decided that I am willing to try shipping these animals via shipyourreptiles shipping service so here is the new updated ad: Hey everybody I have a group of 6 gargoyle geckos I am going to...
  17. GeckoStud

    A hold back and a mystery. Thoughts?

    Is it common for their spots to fade too? I have other animals that have a number of dalmation or ink spots but their spots never fade in color when they aren't fired up. That was the only question I had about this guy is when hes fired down his spots faded away. His spots in the photo above...
  18. GeckoStud

    Where Did All the Pythons Go???

    Gee there's a shocker, it was too cold for the Burms... so they died. And they will spread far into the north right? Oh we should all be afraid... very afraid! Certainly if the Florida winters kill them they will THRIVE further north right? I hate fear mongering politicians...:furious3:
  19. GeckoStud

    I think I inspired a monster...

    :-/ Oh jeez... Some people are just so dense... I can't believe that.
  20. GeckoStud

    SHAKES FIST!!!!!

    If she doesn't accept a picture of a healthy leo vs hers as anything more than hers being undersized send her a pic of an anorexic person vs a healthy one or a dog to the similar extent and ask her which one looks more healthy. If she replies that the "thicker" one is healthier then ask her how...