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  1. Vegas Chad


    'Chameleons of Madagascar' is a GREAT movie!
  2. Vegas Chad

    Reptile Super Show August 6th & 7th in Pomona, CA

    Us too, come say hello! We will be front row center!
  3. Vegas Chad

    ReptiCon Reno, NV?

    Anybody happen to know about this expo? A customer of ours asked if we were going to attend and I had to answer that I knew nothing about it. We have been doing some thinking about it and it looks like we are going to attend. Just wondering if many people plan on coming or if any other breeders...
  4. Vegas Chad

    Diplodactylus Vittatus For Sale.

    We are selling our two extra diplodactylus vittatus males. They were born early January of this year and are doing great! They are $185 shipped each or $260 shipped for both. Below are the exact animals for sale, and you are able to pick which you want. Pick up at any show we attend is also...
  5. Vegas Chad

    Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

    Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina Portentosa) We are stepping up our feeder roach program and are happy to now offer quality roaches with specific sizing. No more mix and match of sizes or broad ranges that result in feeders that are too large or too small, we offer specifically...
  6. Vegas Chad

    Purchased chameleon @ show, DIED on way home?

    I typically enjoy reading exchanges like that; however I don’t participate. No need to get into a pissing match especially with a person like this who has only started 6 threads in 6ish years, half of which in the rant forum. I think my first response was the best one. I won’t even waste my time...
  7. Vegas Chad

    smelly poops..

    Totally normal. Wait till you feed him something different like a horn worm or a pinkie, whewwww man that smell will gag a maggot! A tip to hanging out with your dragon is to give it a soak/bath before you do. A bath almost always gets them to go in that and not on you.
  8. Vegas Chad

    M Namibia Chondrodactylus Turneri

    Born 11/09 We have had this little guy since he was a baby. His female recently escaped while we were out of town and has been given up for gone; since we no longer have a girl for him we are going to offer him to you. $50 + Shipping
  9. Vegas Chad

    Purchased chameleon @ show, DIED on way home?

    Go on… Let it out son. Tell us how you really feel.
  10. Vegas Chad

    Purchased chameleon @ show, DIED on way home?

    Common now… Lets see the response; I hope that its good you have been responding for like 20min.
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    Purchased chameleon @ show, DIED on way home?

    I read the first sentence of your post and that was enough for me. The appropriate response to you whole post based on that sentence is simple; don’t be a dumb ass.
  12. Vegas Chad

    Purchased chameleon @ show, DIED on way home?

    This is simply not true. Yes they are more difficult to care for than most reptiles however people saying things like this only perpetuate the stigma that they have. I have had harder time breeding uroplatus and various frog types for example than keeping and breeding my chameleons. I had a baby...
  13. Vegas Chad

    Any Reliable Hosts?

    We really enjoy working with BlueHost.Com
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    1.1 Helmet head geckos (Tarentola chazalia)

    I have 1 pair of helmeted geckos for sale, this pair produced eggs for us last season and are just now coming out of cooling. These are from Tremper lines purchased at Daytona in 2009. They are active and eating like little pigs. We are going to focus on other projects this year and need the...
  15. Vegas Chad

    Baby Veiled Chameleon: HELP!

    Screen Cage Mist them at least 3-4 times a day FF are good 1/8” crix are better UVB light, basking light keeping basking area around high 80’s That’s just the quick and dirty…
  16. Vegas Chad

    Who's Going/Vending!? NARBC Feb 12-13 Arlington,TX

    We are going to make the drive to the show all the way from Vegas!!! Its going to be a long one... Yeeeeee HHHHHHAW! ! ! !
  17. Vegas Chad

    The NEW TikiTikiReptiles.Com

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Please Email me to Chad-at-TikiTikiReptiles-dot-Com with your addy and we will ship your prize out.
  18. Vegas Chad

    The NEW TikiTikiReptiles.Com

    To celebrate the launch we are going to giveaway 1 FREE Lg Cricket Crack / Water Crystal Combo. All you have to do is be the first one to correctly answ the questions below and post them here. *How many safe plants start with the letter “J” and what are they? *When did Chad propose to...
  19. Vegas Chad

    The NEW TikiTikiReptiles.Com

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are very excited to announce that the NEW is LIVE!!! We have been working hard on it for quite a while now and are happy with how everything has turned out. Please click around and...
  20. Vegas Chad

    The NEW TikiTikiReptiles.Com

    Thanks!!! Not long now until I make it live. I also forgot to add that we *should* have helmet head geckos for sale this year. The past 2 we have been growing our colony but maybe a pair or 2 will make it our this year. Thats up to Darci.