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  1. Kangas Kritters

    Wanted: Geckos in Trade

    I'm looking for some geckos in trade for proven adult female ball pythons. I have a 2500+ gram female Mojave that laid 8 eggs about 2 weeks ago and is back on feed (live rats). I also have a 1500+ gram female Pinstripe that laid 7 eggs about 6 weeks ago and is back on feed (live jumbo mice...
  2. Kangas Kritters

    Breeder male Super Blast Ball Python for Leopard Geckos

    I have a nice breeder male Super Blast (Super Pastel Pinstipe) ball python for trade. He just shed and pooped this week and weighs 685 grams after doing so. He's on feed and prefers a couple of live adult mice every 5-7 days. Never make a normal with this guy. I'm looking for some nice Leopard...
  3. Kangas Kritters

    Looking for some Leos in Trade for my Multi Gene Breeder Male Ball Python

    I have a 600 gram male breeder Savannah (Cinnamon Mojave) ball python available for trade. I'm looking for some colorful leopard geckos. Open to morphs. Prefer younger, but sexable sized specimens. I value the Savannah at $600. We'll each pay our own shipping if we make a deal. This guy is...
  4. Kangas Kritters

    Bumble Bee female for Leopard Geckos

    I have a 500+ gram female Bumble Bee ball python I'm interested in trading for a group of leopard geckos. Mostly interested in Striped stuff, Sunglows, Long Carrot-tails, etc. NO Enigmas or Enigma combos please! If this ad is posted in the wrong section I apologize and kindly ask to be told...
  5. Kangas Kritters

    Current Corn snake availability

    I have a few corn snakes available. They include: Male Proven Breeder Reverse Okeetee $150 Female 2011 Butter Motley $75 Female 2011 Abbott Okeetee $60 Pair 2012 Ghosts $60/pair Shipping is an additional $65. Live arrival and perfect health are guaranteed!
  6. Kangas Kritters

    Last of the 2012 Ball Pythons available

    I have a few ball python morphs still available. They include: Female Mojave Spider $600 Male Pastel Butter 66% ph orange ghost $400 Male Savannah (Cinnamon Mojave) $300 Male Spinner Blast (Pastel Pinstripe Spider) $750 Shipping is an additional $65. Live arrival and perfect health is...
  7. Kangas Kritters

    Adult RAPTOR/Mack Snow RAPTOR trio

    Hello, Available for your consideration is an adult group RAPTOR/Mack Snow RAPTOR's. The male RAPTOR weighs 60 grams, the female RAPTOR weighs 55 grams and the female Mack Snow RAPTOR weighs 80 grams. These geckos prefer crickets with a weekly pinky mouse. All three have solid red-eyes and...
  8. Kangas Kritters

    400+ gram Male Blonde Honey Bee

    Offering a solid Gulf Coast Reptiles male "Blonde Ghost" Honey Bee. He weighs well over 400 grams and destroys live rats every 5 days. He has the attitude of an aggressive eater. Don't have any plans for him which is the only reason he is for sale. Perfectly healthy! $400 shipped.
  9. Kangas Kritters

    Male W&Y RAPTOR het Blizzard and Female Eclipse Blizzard pair

    Really cool project here for someone to see through. Lots of genetics at play here. The male is a 23 gram White & Yellow RAPTOR (with solid red-eyes) het for Blizzard and the female is a 27 gram Snake-Eyed Eclipse Blizzard. Imagine the babies from this pairing! Offering the pair for $500...
  10. Kangas Kritters

    Make Honey Bee Ball Python to trade for leos

    I'm interested in trading one of my ball pythons for some leopard geckos. I have a male Blonde Honey Bee (Ghost Spider) from the Gulf Coast Reptiles line of ghosts. He weighs +/- 300 grams and is valued at $500. Please email me if you have some leos to trade. Only looking for females and mostly...
  11. Kangas Kritters

    Couple of Female EBV Boas with size & color

    I have two female boas from the East Bay Vivarium for sale or trade. The larger female is an EBV Red Group Hypo and has lots of red and pink on her. She is 3 pounds 10 ounces and eats frozen thawed rats from tongs. The smaller female is an EBV Pastel. She is 1000 grams and also eats...
  12. Kangas Kritters

    Looking for some leos in trade for a 1.4 group of various Motley Cornsnakes

    I'd like to do a trade to get some leopard geckos. I have a 1.4 group of 2011 Motley cornsnakes to trade. The male is an Ultramel Motley. The females are an Ultramel Motley, a Snow Motley, an Amel Motley and a Butter het Motley. All are eating frozen thawed pinky/fuzzy mice. Feel free to...
  13. Kangas Kritters

    AFT's and/or Leopards

    I'm looking for some AFT's and/or some Leopard geckos in trade. I have some neat snakes for trade. You can check my feedback rating here under Kangas Kritters and also go the Fauna BOI to check my reputation there too. I have a 200 gram 2011 female Motley boa valued at $300, a 45 gram 2011...
  14. Kangas Kritters

    Exceptional Male RAPTOR

    WANTED: Super high quality male RAPTOR with the following characteristics: Intense, bright body color Solid red eyes Minimum of 50% carrot tail Gentle personality Email info and pics to [email protected]
  15. Kangas Kritters

    Proven Breeder FEMALE Albino Nelsons Milksnake

    I've decided to offer a proven breeder female albino nelsoni for sale. She has dark reds and a consistent appetite for food and love. Feed her strong this summer and next spring and get a couple clutches next year. $225 shipped within the U.S.
  16. Kangas Kritters

    2010 Female Extreme Hypo Tangerine Vanishing Pattern Honduran Milksnake

    Here's an awesome milksnake. She's a 2010 Extreme Hypo Vanishing Pattern Hondo. Check out her glow in the dark oranges, faded gray bands and if you can see it, the gray bands fading away........... She's going to be jaw dropping as an adult, but look at her now! Taking frozen thawed fuzzies...
  17. Kangas Kritters

    True Sinaloan Milksnakes. '09 VP Male & Aberrant Female pair

    Up for your consideration are a pure pair of 2009 Sinaloan milksnakes. The male is a vanishing pattern and the female is an aberrant patterned. Please note these milks have the classic markers for being pure sinaloae by having the low RBR count (male has 13, female has 10!), connecting first...
  18. Kangas Kritters

    Cheap Group of 5 Female Kenyan Sand Boas

    I have available 5 beautiful female Kenyan Sand Boas. They are eating mice. Great group price of $200 plus shipping. Pic 1: 70 grams, pic 2: 35 grams, pic 3: 25 grams Not pictured is a 40 gram female. I can email pics of her upon request. The pic I originally took came out blurry...
  19. Kangas Kritters

    1.2 group of Anerythristic 100% het Albino (Snow) Kenyan Sand Boas

    I'm down to 1 male and 2 female Anerythristic Kenyan Sand Boas that are 100% het for albino/snow. These are late 2010's. The females are litter mates, the male is completely unrelated. Breeding these snakes together will produce snows and anerys 66% het albino/snow. They are offered for $75 each...
  20. Kangas Kritters

    Adult pair of San Gabriel Rosy Boas 100% het Albino

    Here's a nice pair of San Gabriel Rosy Boas that are 100% het for Coastal (Limburg) Albino. They should be cooled this winter and then breed away. There aren't too many Albino San Gabriels out there yet so here's a chance to get into a new project with almost immediate results. $250 for the pair...