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  1. jemjdragon

    Need Tank Ideas

    I have an old ExoTerra Nano tank/tall (8"x8"x12") which I would love to put something in. Tarantulas and bugs are fine, it used to house a preying mantis which passed after laying eggs (they unfortunately did not hatch). Give me your ideas! I was thinking maybe some species dwarf tarantula...
  2. jemjdragon


    So a few of you may have heard of the gas-y, flea infested, and skinny kitten my roommate brought home and then later gave to me. Well she now has a belly. Shes not fat, but shes not skinny. She also has no more fleas. And best of all she isn't gas-y anymore. Apparently my roommate was feeding...
  3. jemjdragon


    Someone broke into my apartment yesterday. I just got a call from one of my roommates. So far I know that the front door was kicked in and my door was broken. She only knows that my TV, PS3, its games, and controllers were taken. These were in the living room. I guess I am returning home...
  4. jemjdragon

    Favorite Fish Store Closing

    I am so angry and sad. My favorite privately owned fish store is closing. A store that has been open since 1965. They always had the healthiest fish, and gave the best advice to how to set up different types of tanks and how many fish should be in them and what plants you should use with the set...
  5. jemjdragon


    So I am thinking of getting collars (for Christmas) for my fiance's family's 2 cats, Chomper and Rocky. They are ~3 years old. My question is how do I keep them from kicking off the collar? My cats had always had collars and I have never had one kick one off. His mom says that gave collars...
  6. jemjdragon

    Wolf Killed After being LURED out of Sanctuary

    I just found out a man lured a female wolf out of a sanctuary where she was protected by playing a recording of a wolf pup in distress. He then shot her and is bragging about how he killed a wolf. I can not put into words how angry I am. First off I am not against hunting as long as it is...
  7. jemjdragon

    Need Some Help with a Kitten

    So my roommate got a kitten from a lady who found a box of kittens abandoned. This kitten is adorable and playful. She eat dry food and uses the box. She grooms herself and loves to cuddle. I helped give her a warm bath and we cleaned her ears and clipped her claws. The lady my roommate got...
  8. jemjdragon


    Been living in Davis for 2 weeks already. Its really nice finally being away from home, but I miss my dog, duck, and cat. At least I got to take Mifty (leopard gecko) with me. And there's a pet store near by where I can buy crickets and mealworms. My roommates so far are very nice and they...
  9. jemjdragon


    From: My Fiance sent me this. I thought I would share. =] I wish I could make cake like that.
  10. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    When I gave Spiky a warm bath today she made a very diarrhea looking stool with what looked like blood. She did this twice during her bath. Currently I am cleaning her cage really well before I put her back in it and I will call the vet tomorrow. In the mean time what can I do? I feel...
  11. jemjdragon

    New Crested Gecko Morph

    (sorry for the blurry image quality, my scanner hate textured paper and water colors) :D This morph is known as the draconian morph. This gene is recessive and is very rare. Crested Geckos with this morph grow 10 times larger than an average crested gecko. That is about 60 to 100 inches in...
  12. jemjdragon


    So after going to the county fair last weekend, I've been wanting to get ducklings. I have had parrots when I was younger and have worked at a few farms in Poland (mostly gathering eggs, milking the cows, working in fields) but I know I still have no idea on how to raise ducklings or ducks. I...
  13. jemjdragon

    The The Impotence of Proofreading

    I just thought I'd post a poem that I find really amusing. It is about the importance of proof reading. Hope you enjoy, and learn the the impotence of proofreading ;)
  14. jemjdragon

    Ahhh! They're everywhere!

    So a few months ago I decided to help a friend out. He had 6 laboratory stick insects, all about 5-6 inches in length. (He got these from a family friend who didn't want them in their classroom anymore but that's a different story, unrelated to this one). He was getting his house fumigated or...
  15. jemjdragon

    Simon (lots of pictures)

    I just wanted to show you one of my best (animal) friends. His name is Simon and I adopted him from the shelter about 8 (not sure the exact number) years ago when he was 2 months old. He was a rescue. Before he came to the shelter, he was given to a lady for her birthday. Her husband later threw...
  16. jemjdragon

    Negligent Owners

    I really hate going to a friend's home just to watch as their pets die. I don't understant it. I even try to help but they choose to ignore me. One friend has a bearded dragon. She tells me it 5 years old and I'm shock because it is only like 6-8 inches long. They keep it in a tall exo terra...
  17. jemjdragon

    Fleas... >.<

    So every year Simon (my cat) "gets fleas". My stepdad claims it can't be the dogs, and it has to be Simon. Well Simon got a flea bath and was medicated with flea medication a week ago and hasn't scratched himself at all. My stepdad still blames Simon because according to him only fleas on...
  18. jemjdragon

    Need Ideas and Help For Possible Tank Set Up

    Tank Size: About 100 gallons Current fish: 2 Blood Parrots (1.75 inches - 2.5 inches in length), 1 Managua Cichlid (1.25 inches in length), 1 Pleco (About 12 inches in length) Idea For Tank: (Above sketch is front view, bottem sketch is above view) Possible Plants: 2 Very Large...
  19. jemjdragon


    Can bumblebee toads be housed with firebelly toads? I felt that with their contrasting colors they would look nice together but I don't want to stick two types of toads together if they're not going to be "happy" together. Any advice will be welcome. =]
  20. jemjdragon

    Fire Bellied Newts???

    Okay so I went to our local private pet shop, and the had what looked like fire bellied newts! I thought it would be awesome to have a pair of them, but I want to know if keeping them with community fish is okay? The tank is about 10 gallons, has 5 porkchop rasboras, 1 cory (don't remember what...