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  1. katie_

    MY dogs :)

    I thought I'd share a few pictures of MY dogs. All three I aquired working at a vet clinic, and all are rescues. Gus is the hound cross. I delivered him :) Ella is the boxer x bulldog x st bernard cross. Shes only about 50 lb, small like a bulldog, one big muscle. Sully is the yorkie. He was...
  2. katie_

    Baby rats!

    I have several fellow employees that work with me who feed live to their snakes. (I wont get into it). They usually have adult mice sent to us, but because of a disease, all the mice from our supplier have fallen ill. Anyways, we had 3 baby rats sent to us instead. Needless to say their...
  3. katie_

    DNA tested my dogs.

    Just for curiousity's sake, I DNA tested my dogs to find out their breeds were. I received my first result in the mail today (I have two more on the way) and was blown away! Turns out my dog Ella, who we were told was 3 quarters english bulldog and 1 quarter boxer isn't at all... Shes...
  4. katie_

    DUCKS! - photo heavy

  5. katie_

    HORSE question!

    Anyone here have horses? I have a few questions if you could please pm me.
  6. katie_

    Sad week for my corals.

    We had a heat wave, and a broken thermostat. The store got about 100 degrees over the long weeked and most of my corals in my display tank at work melted. (I don't think I've ever posted a picture, but too late now :( ) I probably lost $2000 in coral, many I have had for several years...
  7. katie_

    Feeding Rodents to Dragons?

    I've read contradicting information on the subject. Some people say adults should eat rodents, some say only occasionally, and others say never. I have a 7 year old, big male. I also have a baby ball python. Well, my ball didn't want to eat her f/t rat pup, and instead of wasting it - I...
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  9. katie_

    Nice Normal :)

    I got lucky with this girl!
  10. katie_

    Whats a fair price?

    What would be a fair price for a 30" female albino with paradox spots Kenyan sand boa? There is one on a local add and I'd like to make an offer.
  11. katie_

    Need a good sand boa forum recommendation or expert

    Anyone know lots about kenyan sand boa morphs? Any good forums?
  12. katie_

    In this thread contains the fitting finally to explain the power turns over

    Talk about brutal translation. I was day dreaming at work when I caught myself looking at this box. I'm not sure what they were trying to say, but I bet its pretty great.
  13. katie_

    I finally got my sand boa :)

    I've been waiting for a while, but the day has come! He/She came yesterday :)
  14. katie_

    Taming a biter.

    So I got my first ball a few weeks ago. She was fine to be handled for short periods of time, but I kept it to a bare minimum. She had eaten two meals right on schedule (every Tuesday). Last night I tried to feed her. She would strike at the rat but it was if she was afriad of it, she didnt...
  15. katie_

    My first python! What do you think?

    Shes very shy, so I just snapped a few pictures real fast.
  16. katie_

    Got my first ball today!

    I'm very excited, she came today! Shes a 2011 captive bred. She doesnt look like a "normal" to me though. I'm going to weigh her tomorrow and take some pictures, but I don't want to stress her out anymore tonight. I'm guessing by her size shes a month or two old (I'm going to have to...
  17. katie_

    ...more reef

    More pictures, just taken about 10 minutes ago! Everythings growing like a weed!
  18. katie_

    Horrible chicken allergy..

    I have a Bloodhound named Gus. He will be two years old in Feb. Around his first birthday he developed a terrible allergy to chicken (and other poultry). Hes been placed on Hills D/D and its done wonders. My question is, does anyone else have a dog with a bad food intolerance? It took 3...
  19. katie_

    My discus.

    one of my 65gallons, a fully planted discus tank. and my banded shark :)
  20. katie_

    My reef :)

    My 75 gallon reef. This pic was taken about a month ago.