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  1. Tongue Flicker

    Pissed off Update haha

    Me again with a quick update. If you guys already knew a few years back then you would probably still remember my grumpy Boiga philippina named Garfield.. If not, then let me refresh your memory with his photo Here he is now, 3 years later and still feisty as ever lol With flash...
  2. Tongue Flicker

    Warning: Death from cuteness is possible

    Start of a new week ahead.. Just wanna share how i feel when Monday is near LOL How 'bout you guys? :P
  3. Tongue Flicker

    Catching up to CNY

    Look who decided to catch-up with Chinese New Year..My very first T, Lady Macbeth, doing her thing.New Year (chinese), New Skin!!After a year and half finally she molted. This makes her hit the max 6" legspan mark and also marks her 8th year bday with me :)Happy weekend guys!!
  4. Tongue Flicker

    Look Alikes :D

    Thought I'd introduce some of my critters to you guys. Not that they don't deserve their own threads but because I'm gonna be away again for a few days. Just to keep you guys freshened up with new species that you don't see posted every day (or ever in any forums for that matter. Unless we're...
  5. Tongue Flicker

    Swing, swing.. (warning: cuteness inside)

    Remember my babies?? Well for those of you who've only seen them now, I used to have 5 sugar gliders. I sold of three before I embarked on my 4-month Southeast Asia tour. Now Tasha (Anastasia), had 2 babies a month and a half before I came back so I'm back to having four. Tasha and her...
  6. Tongue Flicker

    Grumpy Cat's Scaly Counterpart :D

    To those who still remember my Poison Ivy from a couple of years back, she's still alive, flicking and striking lol Her enclosure had a secret colony of red ants residing on the substrate so i had to clean it asap. She wasn't obviously happy about the idea It only took me 17...
  7. Tongue Flicker

    The Miracle of Life

    The gift of life is the best gift of them all.. ('coz love is the greatest? @[email protected]) Picked up this egg during my vacation in one of the tropical paradises in South-east Asia. Only God knows what's inside. I found it inside a hollow tree stump. 3 weeks later... Boom! Thank goodness it's not a...
  8. Tongue Flicker

    Much needed vacation!

    Hey guys! Been gone for weeks and this is what's keeping me busy. Where was I, you ask? Mini-herping, trekking and skinny-dipping atop a mountain stream in the southern region of the Philippines! :P Enjoy! Me and my local guide lol My cam had a smudgy lens at this...
  9. Tongue Flicker

    Sneaky Snake

    Another one of my top favorite snake, Dryophiops philippina. Not as brightly colored as most conventionally kept snake species are and maybe some of you have only heard of this snake until today but i assure you they are a delight to own. A similar looking cousin, Dryophiops rubescens, exists in...
  10. Tongue Flicker

    Update On One Of My Oldies :)

    I wanna introduce one of my oldest tarantula, an eight-year old Samar Cave Tarantula (Selenocosmia samarae). She was staying with a friend til i got back from my overseas work and man, she's an oldie and a fattie lol This was her during arrival day, looking scrawny and helpless. Here...
  11. Tongue Flicker

    Today is Beetle Day! :D

    It was a nice day to chill today. I managed to pick-up 3 beetles from my roof deck in less than 30 minutes with me just sitting there. Not really an insect lover but beetles have always held a special place in my heart :D Beetle #1.. A shiny bronze colored fella. Flew right into my face...
  12. Tongue Flicker

    Just An Axie Update :)

    It has almost been 4 months since i got my first axie and man, i am just glad that she survived our harsh summer season. Rainy/Hailstone season is fast approaching and hopefully she'll do better during this cooler season. This was taken 2 weeks after his purchase. In my defense, that was a...
  13. Tongue Flicker

    My egg-eating snake :D

    Just wanted to share one of many reasons why my username is what it is :D My 2nd favorite pet snake, Oligodon ancorus, that i named Genghis. Having his momentary sunbath (they rarely if not never bask, so it was absolutely unnecessary lol) Having his weekly favorite dish, raw egg...
  14. Tongue Flicker

    3 Owls & A Sad Goodbye

    Sorry for being inactive. Been busy lately, preparing for my out of town work in June. I needed to sell a lot of my pets in the process. Will get them all back once i return. Before selling magpie's other siblings off, i needed to take some vital measurements and physical check-up first just...
  15. Tongue Flicker

    Turning My Anger Into Something Productive

    Today was a disaster! I'm so mad haha! I was out and about to get my female GBB tarantula but apparently it didn't turn out the way i wanted it to be. I didn't wanna go home empty-handed so i got this 4" female Golden-knee tarantula (Grammostola pulchripes) instead. I named her Chaka Khan so...
  16. Tongue Flicker

    Spine-tingling drama (no bugs, i swear) & Memorial service

    Photos of my hedgehogs doing movie & television role auditions and proving that they are versatile actors. Hedgie #1 A retake of Titanic's infamous hand on the glass scene (Parental Guidance! Lol) Hedgie #2 baby siblings' adaptation of Sleepless in Seattle: Infant Edition Hedgie...
  17. Tongue Flicker

    1st Brood of a 1st Born

    The last remaining unsold child from the 1st batch of my late H.hottentotta has finally given birth! Making her mama and me, proud :D She's still in labor as i type this ^__^
  18. Tongue Flicker

    Time To Apply My Real Estate Skills lol

    Today i got an extension cage for my gliders. I'll be putting it together side by side to become an animal duplex (My mind is set for a rowhouse though lol) The new cage Their original cage Both cages have a sliding door at the side that can be made so as it stays open or if not...
  19. Tongue Flicker

    My New Little Devils

    I promised myself not to get anymore pets regardless of size or ease of care but i can't let a cheap bargain opportunity to pass by, so here are my newest addition/s?! These guys will pack a HELL of a tag. Hopefully, Lord please no lol Tityus stigmurus colony Sorry about the...
  20. Tongue Flicker

    Who's that pokemon?

    It's Chansey!! Notice the resemblance haha :D Finally got an axolotl. I still need to wait til month for me to get a properly gendered partner. For now he'll do. It is a male, right? @[email protected]