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  1. jemjdragon

    Anchor Worm parasites

    I remember when this happened in one of my aquariums. I pulled out the affected fish and removed the worms by hand then quarantined them in a hospital tank. The tank and hospital tank was treated with parasite medicine, I don't remember which one. All the fish survived except one which was one...
  2. jemjdragon

    Wolf Killed After being LURED out of Sanctuary

    I just found out a man lured a female wolf out of a sanctuary where she was protected by playing a recording of a wolf pup in distress. He then shot her and is bragging about how he killed a wolf. I can not put into words how angry I am. First off I am not against hunting as long as it is...
  3. jemjdragon

    My doggies! (Scary)

    Beautiful dogs and cute guinea pig too.
  4. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    I was using a Exo Terra Reptile Glo 10.0 UVB compact Desert Terrarium bulb. It was 13 watts. I wanted to thank everyone who helped me with Spiky in this thread and any other threads that I posted with her. (Spiky with banana on her face)
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    From: My Fiance sent me this. I thought I would share. =] I wish I could make cake like that.
  6. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    I think the worst thing of owning a pet, is after you do everything to help them and they start getting better, they pass away. Unfortunately, even though Spiky was getting better, she past away some time last night. RIP Spiky, I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help you.
  7. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    I have even more better news. She started eating by herself. (I was feeding her slurry before because she wouldn't eat anything and I didn't want to give her medicine without some food) She is still not eating a lot, but she did eat 5 superworms and a bit of veggies.
  8. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    Thank you for your responses and sorry I have been absent for the past couple days. Spiky seems to be doing much better. She is more active now when before she was lethargic. Like I said before in my posts, my previous reptile vet had either moved away or retired. The vet I went to is an...
  9. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    So Spiky has pin worms. I am going to go pick up more medication today. Good news is that she made a more "solid" poop today. Other than that, I just need to keep hand feeding her and giving her medicine till she is better.
  10. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    I just came back from the vet. I now know for sure Spiky is a she. She apparently has eggs. I don't know how to deal with this. Will she reabsorb them like a leopard gecko or do I need to provide a lay box? He took the stool sample to check for parasites, I will have the results tomorrow. In...
  11. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    I just found out that my vet that I go to does not work at the veterinary hospital that I go to anymore, so they don't take reptiles. Great. Now I have to go to someone I don't know. Anyways the nice lady on the phone gave me a number to a different vet hospital to take her to. I just made an...
  12. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    I am about to call the vet. I just fed her some mealworms and superworms dusted with calcium powder and crickets dusted with vitamin powder. She seemed kinda interested in food but didn't seem to really want to eat. She did eat 2 crickets. I noticed her toung look a bit yellow. I heard that...
  13. jemjdragon

    Blood in Stool

    When I gave Spiky a warm bath today she made a very diarrhea looking stool with what looked like blood. She did this twice during her bath. Currently I am cleaning her cage really well before I put her back in it and I will call the vet tomorrow. In the mean time what can I do? I feel...
  14. jemjdragon

    Crayfish: Food for reptiles?

    I think people feed them to Savannah Monitors because they only eat invertebrates.
  15. jemjdragon


    Finally Got ChaCha So I finally got my duckling. I named her ChaCha because she wiggles her bottom. I have all the supplies I need for when she's a baby. Here is a picture. She is a Pekin Duck. =]
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    So after going to the county fair last weekend, I've been wanting to get ducklings. I have had parrots when I was younger and have worked at a few farms in Poland (mostly gathering eggs, milking the cows, working in fields) but I know I still have no idea on how to raise ducklings or ducks. I...
  17. jemjdragon

    New enclosure help. =]

    This site has instructions on how to make platforms for beardies (or any type of reptile). I hope it helps.
  18. jemjdragon

    Tetra Schooling

    It is not unheard of. My cardinal tetras will sometimes school with my porkchop rasboras. They usually keep away from each other though.
  19. jemjdragon

    Beautiful Avicularia Versicolor

    They look really cool. I wish I could get another spider but my mom said no more pets XD
  20. jemjdragon

    Ahhh! They're everywhere!

    Actually, the adult stick bugs I had were tan colored. Now from the babies some of them turned green (more plants their tank), some turned black (kept in a corner of a room with little/no light), and some stayed tan (these appeared in both tanks, I guess they are still undecided in color or just...