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  1. T-ReXx

    More Blood pics

    Female shed out today so I took some fresh pics. Female Male Absolutely in love with these guys. :main_thumbsup:
  2. T-ReXx

    First Blood(s)

    Got this Sumatran Red pair from Robin at R2 Reptiles. They arrived this morning. First time keeping this genus. The male is real easy going. The female(who is a partial stripe) wasn't exactly cooperating(refused to sit still) so I'll have to get better pics of her later. Looking forward to...
  3. T-ReXx

    New ones and some updates

    Picked these girls up last month. Female Pastel 1167gs Female Pastel 1038gs And some updated pics of my favorites Token, Pastel male 621gs Spyro, Spider male 657gs Kira, Dinker female with reduced pattern 1036gs
  4. T-ReXx

    Second clutch on the ground

    I found my second ball clutch ever this morning, from a big(2300gs) normal female who locked twice with a pinstripe. 8 fertiles(7 clumped, one rollout) and no slugs. She was VERY pissy, lol. That's makes two clutches with a total of 11 eggs so far this year, and the only ones I know for SURE...
  5. T-ReXx

    WooHoo! Eggs!

    I got my first ball clutch ever today. Only 3 eggs but all fertiles! From a smaller 08 poss het pied girl who locked twice with my 100% het pied male and once with my pinstripe male. Laid 31 days past the post ov shed. :D I have a bigger gravid girl who shed 3 days after her so with any luck...
  6. T-ReXx

    Here there be Dragons

    Ok, so I've officially joined the Beardie club again after a 6 year hiatus. A friend of mine needed to rehome her dragons and I caved and took them. I wasn't originally planning on keeping them but I had forgotten how animated these lizards are and figured I need something to eat all my extra...
  7. T-ReXx

    Feeding Time!

  8. T-ReXx

    new spider and a het

    Finally got warm enough to have my spider male shipped in. He's so tiny! 120 grams. Since it took so long the seller threw in a free 100% het genetic stripe male as well. He bites, lol. They're both eating rat pups. Hopefully they will be big enough to put on some girls next season...
  9. T-ReXx

    new pin male

    Picked up this Pinstripe male from my buddy Rob today. He's 723 grams. Very, very happy with him. :D
  10. T-ReXx

    Showing some balls

    I guess with all these balls hanging out I might as well show mine too... Zuri, Normal female Kuari, Possible het Pied Female Ashanti, Normal female Kira, Reduced Pattern Dinker female Monty, 100% het Pied male Xander, 100% het Albino male Xena, 100% het Albino...
  11. T-ReXx

    Amazon Tree Boa photoshoot, plus 1.2 new atbs

    So, I was warned amazons can be addicting, got three more this week. These three are about 2yrs old, in keeping with the Transformers theme, they are Sunstorm, Arcee and Chromia. Sunstorm is a patternless yellow male, Arcee and Chromia are garden phase females, bringing my tree boa count up to...
  12. T-ReXx

    Back in the saddle

    Well, after several years of being lizards exclusively I've finally taken the plunge back into snakes. My three new LTC adult garden phase ATBS arrived not even an hour ago, and I snapped a few pics before putting them into quarantine. These aren't the best pics as I was sort of in a hurry and...