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    Keeper from this year
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    Head's up

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    Pretty Puddy tat

    Cool cat
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    Sleepy Skink

    These guys always look tired. Peters Banded skink
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    Lovely lineatus

    One of the adult females on the spy
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    Bright eyes

    Murphys Patternless Lemon frost. Yes he does have a couple of tumors, yes he's pet only. No I didnt produce him
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    Malayan Forest Geckos

    Wonderful geckos. We have a pair and some eggs :) C. pulchellus [/url
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    Electric jungle

    I'm keen to see how this guy develops. He's had his first out of the egg shed, then one other now looks like this!!
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    Electric second shed

    Nowt wrong with its toes....just stood funny
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    Funky Electric

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    Another Electric Eclipse

    Am liking this one
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    First keeper of the season

    "Moonage Daydream"
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    First Electric Eclipse

    I started from scratch and after a few gens added eclipse here in the Electric
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    First of the season

    This little Electric looks ace after one shed :D
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    Kitty cats

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    Barking beauty

    Gotta be my fave Auzzie
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    Living colour

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    One of the babies

    one of the babies we produced