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  1. DrCarrotTail

    FOR SALE CG14-15 Male Typhoon

    Male Typhoon from Acid Stripe bloodlines. This boy is huge and gorgeous. Bright colors, feisty personality, and gorgeous 100/100 solid eyes. He'll be a great male to kick off a new or add to an existing Rainwater project! Click here to go directly to his page. Check out more like him on my...
  2. DrCarrotTail

    FOR SALE 1.1 2014 Typhoon Pair!

    1.1 Pair of Typhoons. $425 shipped! CG14-14 - This male has some awesome coloration from a cross of a patterned Typhoon female to an Acid Stripe Typhoon male from Enigmatic Reptiles. He hatched on 4/19/14 and currently weighs about 25g. CG14-38 - This female is from an Atomic typhoon...
  3. DrCarrotTail

    Eating me out of house and home.

    Priscilla met her cute boyfriend for a fun Memorial Day jaunt and has been ravenous and rapidly expanding ever since. Here she is today in a 15qt container at 675g. My fingers are crossed that she's gravid and not getting super fat!
  4. DrCarrotTail


    Seriously the Leo breeders who attend the MI Reptile Expo (you know who you are!) are never allowed to not come again. I wound up talking to far too many spider guys and came home with more random animals to keep me busy. Now lets hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew :P Psalmopoeus...
  5. DrCarrotTail

    My first Hognoses!

    Haven't had snakes in too many years and needed to overfill the box my gecko was getting shipped in so I grabbed these two from Travis at Enigmatic Reptiles. Both are 2009 Richard Evans line red phase het for albino. They are amazingly calm and enchantingly curious and friendly! I'm thoroughly...