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  1. Kristi23

    My other new NARBC pickup.

    I was wondering where you were. I looked for you the first day there.
  2. Kristi23

    My other new NARBC pickup.

    I would love to own a black head python one day, too. Love them. This little woma is great so far. Eats well and is easy to handle.
  3. Kristi23

    My other new NARBC pickup.

    I don't breed them, but I do love them. Years ago they were one of my biggest fears. So happy I got over it.
  4. Kristi23

    My other new NARBC pickup.

    Picked up this male Woma Python from Charlie Redmon at NARBC Tinley. I couldn't really get the colors to look right in the pics. He's so gorgeous in person. Already ate for me, too. Still working on a name for him.
  5. Kristi23

    This Year's Pick-up

    Moved this to the other python section. Beautiful new addition! I'm sorry to hear about yours passing though.
  6. Kristi23

    Norman pics!

    Thank you!
  7. Kristi23

    Norman pics!

    I haven't posted any pics of Norman lately. I'm not sure on his exact age, but I know we've had him for over 7 years now, so he's somewhere between 7 and 8. He's definitely starting to show his age, but he's still a pretty boy. He just had a bath right before these pics. His head is in...
  8. Kristi23

    New Beardie

    Great job taking her in.
  9. Kristi23

    Suggestions on logo...

    I'd like to see it with the feet and tail. Maybe try it and then compare the two to see which you like better.
  10. Kristi23

    My Adult Male Beardy Isnt Eating Salad?

    Mine really won't either. Once in awhile I can get him to eat squash or other bright veggies, but he doesn't like greens at all. I wish I had some advice. Just make sure he's getting a good multi vitamin along with the bugs.
  11. Kristi23

    GFP Axolotls: GLOWING Alien Pets!

    Very nice ones!
  12. Kristi23

    Just An Axie Update :)

    Super cute! I'm looking into getting some (hopefully) soon.
  13. Kristi23

    New Here and have a concern

    I am guilty of not going to the welcome section. So sorry for that. I am only on for a limited time and spend most of that moving posts around to the correct areas, so it takes away my posting time. There are not as many active members here now, but this is still a great place. Hope you stay...
  14. Kristi23

    Baby dragon seeing his reflection

    Try to tape black paper on three sides for now.
  15. Kristi23

    I finally got my sand boa :)

    I miss my sand boa. All the ones I've been around have had good temperaments. It's one of the great things about them.
  16. Kristi23

    My pup

    He is beautiful!
  17. Kristi23

    Cutest thing ever!

    He's already at a wildlife rehabilitation center, but we had to take care of him over the weekend. Our neighbor was doing some demo work and found him alone. They didn't want it it get hurt, so they brought him to us. He was so friendly and would willingly climb right into our hands. I hope...
  18. Kristi23

    Can we get some more mods?

    This is a copy of your exact words. the more mods, the stricter things are
  19. Kristi23

    Can we get some more mods?

    Are you really going to argue with me again? This is not my first time being a mod on a forum. You stated that mods make things more strict. We don't. We just enforce the rules that you agreed to when you signed up.
  20. Kristi23

    Can we get some more mods?

    Btw, there are only three mods and the admin. We are still looking for another mod to add.