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  1. BrilliantEraser

    Bob or not to bob?

    Absolutely! And I puff my cheeks out when Garrus flares his beard. I think it's funny. :) Note: I am also the sort of person who meows back at cats.
  2. BrilliantEraser

    MegaRay UV bulb?

    I just received mine a little under a month ago, and I am THRILLED with it. In that time, my juvenile beardie (Garrus) has gone through two sheds, and has put on 20 grams in body weight. This bulb is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it over any other UVB source.
  3. BrilliantEraser

    Some of My Show Rabbits

    Congrats on your awesome show record! I know about Netherland Dwarfs, but I never got to work with any (my high school vo-ag program had a good rabbit breeding program), sadly. I know they make awesome pets. I looooove the squirrel color. Are you breeding for any colors in particular, or just...
  4. BrilliantEraser

    As promised, here are some pictures of Lyra

    She is a real beauty! I almost see a hint of Corgi about the ears. Funniest dog I ever saw in my work was a Corgi/Lab mix. Full-size head and body of a lab, coupled with Corgi legs. So which way do you pronounce Lyra? Lie-ruh, or Lee-rah? Also, is the name taken from His Dark Materials, by any...
  5. BrilliantEraser

    My Rat setup

    I had the same though, Bridgette.:uhoh2:
  6. BrilliantEraser

    Post Dog Pictures

    I LOVE IT. I can see why he's such a hit with the ladies. I tried the blanket IQ test on my dog last night. He spun in circles, ran into a wall, backed into another wall, ran into the next wall again, and finally just lay down and gave up. With his tail wagging madly during the entire ordeal...
  7. BrilliantEraser

    Post Dog Pictures

    Good on you, Seamus. Not for the insults, but for doing the right thing with exposing the "rescue" situation. You live anywhere near Connecticut (I think you mentioned so)? I'll buy you a beer sometime. Ash currently looks like he's in great health. Awesome turn around from chow-mein-poo...
  8. BrilliantEraser

    Post Dog Pictures

    Awww, Ash isn't that ugly! I've seen much worse come through my grooming job. What's the story behind him / the rescue being closed down? Here's a couple pictures of me and my dog, Landon. He's only five months old, so he still looks all awkward and baby-like.
  9. BrilliantEraser

    Introducing: Garrus Vakarian (DUW)

    I'm sure you've all been dying to see some new pictures of Garrus, so here they are! He LOVES the color orange. So he found this bag when out exploring, and immediately ran over to it. Chillin' in his hammock. "Look, Ma! I'm a T-Rex!" Life as Garrus is sooooooo difficult...
  10. BrilliantEraser

    A Dog With A Heart

    GORGEOUS dog. And I have to say good luck with all that hair! Akitas are very hairy, and Labs are deceptively hairy too! I work at a groomer's, and you would not BELIEVE the amount of hair that came out of an Akita last week. I think I still have dog hair stuck in my nose!
  11. BrilliantEraser

    Tail Rot Gone Mad

    I second what Bridgette has said. Sorry, but if you can't afford vet care of any kind, then you should not have adopted an animal (especially not one that was already in need of medical assistance). In any case, I can guarantee that at least 90% of all animals will require vet care of some kind...
  12. BrilliantEraser

    Does this banner look "okay"

    Yeah, I'd go with the black one. It's clean and easy to read. Since the picture of the gecko includes the background (instead of being plain white), it is too busy and looks cluttered.
  13. BrilliantEraser


    Hear, hear! (Not meaning to do a "+1" sort of thing, but I can't think of much to say that you haven't said already) On another note, your site looks wonderful! I love the navigation bar, and how all the options slide down from it. Very nice.
  14. BrilliantEraser

    who has the laziest BD (poll)

    Oh goodness, I wish mine was this lazy! He's still a juvie though, so there's potential for him to grow into a big lazy dragon. On a side note, my dragon (Garrus) went on a hunger strike after his coccidia problem cleared up. I thought it was due to the after-effect of the meds. He refused all...
  15. BrilliantEraser

    Bored? ..........DUW

    Those Scrabble pictures are such a good idea! I think maybe I should do that with my gang, especially since the puppy will soon be too big to fit on a game board. :laugh:
  16. BrilliantEraser

    Brown relouse i think

    Right. Let me just find my special shin-kickin' boots.
  17. BrilliantEraser

    Brown relouse i think

    Tony I hate you and I hate that stupid website that I only just learned about now. Okay, now that I've read up on it, my head hurts. Why/how would a snake mimic something that is more deadly while also mimicking a species that is less deadly? Tony, if you use that website again I will track...
  18. BrilliantEraser

    Brown relouse i think

    Yup, I was referring to Murex surinamensis, a giant predatory sea snail. I thought that alone was pretty cool. The coral snake you mentioned is all right, I guess. :laugh: So, I know what Müllerian and Batesian mimicry entail. What is Mertensian mimicry? I don't think I've ever heard of that...
  19. BrilliantEraser

    Brown relouse i think

    I've been meaning to ask about that. Why do you use the scientific name of a giant sea snail as your handle? Also, yes, necrotic tissue is almost *always* misidentified as a spider bite. The other day, a co-worker showed us a large red rash on his side. One girl I work with immediately...
  20. BrilliantEraser

    Fun with black light

    I could never own one, but even I have to admit that is pretty cool!