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  1. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Eublepharis angramainyu

    We have the most diverse and pure collection of Eublepharis in the world. E. angramainyu may look it from pictures but they aren't exactly like your normal leopard gecko. This distinct species from Iran grow much larger and mature far slower than their Pakistani cousins. In the gecko world...
  2. geckoboa

    Website update!!

    Just added more geckos to the website!! There are a lot of adult 2012 geckos that should be ready to breed very soon. My season is always late so most of the females will ovulate within the next couple months. Every picture and weight has been updated in the last month. Hamm Germany shipments...
  3. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Major website update at GeckoBoa!!

    Just posted a large group of Leopard Geckos for sale. White & Yellows, Bandits, Giants, Marble Eyes, Tangerines, Afghans, and many more on this update. CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABLE PAGE Mack Snow Bell White and Yellow poss het Radar Snow Bandit
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    FOR SALE Website updated!! Over 55 geckos available!

    We just did a major update to our website. All pictures and weights are now up to date. Make sure to check out all three pages. Many ready to breed adults on page three. As always $45 overnight shipping nationwide! For the first availability updates check out our Facebook page. Questions email...
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    FOR SALE Marble Eyes

    If anyone is looking for marble eyes, hets, or possible hets I will have a few available soon. I have different bloodlines including montanus(mint), macularius, and the pure ME line. I will also have het trempers available. Please contact me @ [email protected] if interested. Thanks!
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    FOR SALE First geckos for 2012!!

    We have just added the first round of geckos to our website. Take a look at let us know if we can help you with anything. Thanks! Here's a couple we have to offer... Gecko Genetics/ Blood cross Male $600 Tremper het Marble Eye(E.m.macularis line) Male $180 Hypo Tangerine Male $40...
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    FOR SALE Many awesome geckos left from 2011

    We have a lot of geckos left from our 2011 season including some real smokers. Everything is selling fast so take a look before their all gone. Check them out here:
  8. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Freedom Breeder 6 level rack(26 tray)

    I have this older style freedom breeder rack, which a lot of people prefer, that I have no use for anymore. It has 2 levels of the split small reptiles trays, 2 levels of the regular small trays, and 2 levels of the medium reptile trays. Everything works perfect including all the heat panels. I...
  9. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Giant Snow Reverse stripe Raptor Female-2011

    I decided to let one of these gorgeous females go. She was born late 2011 and is 50% possible Super Giant! Also 50% poss het Blizzard(Diablo Blanco). Get a step up on making Super Giant Snow Diablo Blancos! She is priced at $400 plus a flat $45 shipping charge. Every time I clean her cage I...
  10. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Website Updated!

    We just updated our website with a lot of new leopard geckos from the 2011 season. Some great deals for some awesome geckos! Tangerines, Red Stripe Bells, Giants, Etc. Email @ [email protected]
  11. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Black Friday Weekend sale!!

    These will be on sale until I clear enough room for some new projects. My prices are fair already so these are some awesome deals for top genetics. A043- Red Stripe Bell - Female- Regular price $170. Sale $100!! Shipping is a flat $45 in the Continental US! Many more geckos for sale on...
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    FOR SALE e. turcmenicus

    These are extremely rare! They are considered a different species than your regular leopard geckos but they can still breed to outcross with completely new blood. Only a couple people in the US have these. I bought a large group of these guys and decided I wanted to downsize a little bit so I...
  13. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Website Updated with Many New Geckos!!

    We have updated our available page. We have a good selection of geckos in all prices ranges. These geckos are in top shape and ready to ship. Click the link below. Thanks! Available Geckos Page Check out what some recent customers have been saying about GeckoBoa...Recent Customer Feedback...
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    FOR SALE High quality Tangerines

    I have had a lot of inquiries on when I will release tangerines from my Gecko Genetics male. Well here you go... Gecko Genetics/Blood Hypo Tangerine Female $400 A068- Hatched 6-5-11, 26 grams Gecko Genetics/Blood Hypo Tangerine Female $500 A069- Hatched 6-5-11, 25 grams...
  15. geckoboa

    FOR SALE Red Stripe Bells

    Some nice Red Stripe Bells and hets this season. Many more on the web page. A141- Hatched 5/09/11. 21 grams Female $350 A075-Hatched 6-10-11, 22 grams Female $200 A080- Hatched 6-16-11, 24 grams Female $300 A088- Hatched 6-21-11, 23 grams Male $120...
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    FOR SALE Added geckos to our website

    Added a few more geckos to the website today. Will be adding a lot more in the next couple weeks. Click on the link for our available page. Thanks
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    FOR SALE Tremper Giants, Red Stripe Bells, Sunglows, and more.

    These are packed with genetics! Most are ready to breed! Check out the website. Many more like these available. Thanks! Tremper Giant 50% poss Super Giant. Godzilla line. Female $150 Red Stripe Bell 50% het Radar. Female $200 Bell Sunglow Female $140