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  1. Paleofish

    MY NEW KING!!!

    Awesome! I keep speckled kings myself, But one of these days I am gonna own a striped cal king.
  2. Paleofish

    New Hog Island male

    Nice hogs! Hey Thomas I didn't know you were on here!
  3. Paleofish

    My New Baby Kenyan Sand Boa!!

    Very nice little anery KSB!
  4. Paleofish

    New KSB

  5. Paleofish

    My Corns and King!

    Thanks All! Thanks!
  6. Paleofish

    My Corns and King!

    Well in the time I haven't been on here I have gathered a lot more snakes. Here they are. Butter Motley Male. My blizzard which I post a pic of on this forum when I first got her. Lampropeltis Mexicana Thayeri Male. Lampropeltis Mexicana Thayeri Female. Female Whitewall...
  7. Paleofish

    New KSB

    Here is a pic of the KSB now, Plus a pic of my new male.
  8. Paleofish

    New Corn!

    Here is a pic and video of my new blizzard corn, I picked up a few days ago.
  9. Paleofish

    New KSB

    Here is a girl I picked up a couple days ago. This first pic made the black on the snake look brown, But it really is black.