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  1. geckoboy16

    New site.

    Its nothing special, just a freewebs site for now untill I can set up a better one. Check it out! I have some pictures up of all my animals and available pages (nothing is available yet.) Thanks for everyone that looks at it! :) :D
  2. geckoboy16

    Funny Picture

    Heres a pic I thought was pretty funny. My male beardie loves sleeping like this against the side of the cage lol! :D
  3. geckoboy16

    Some beardie pictures

    Just a few shots of my beardies, Homer and Marge. Thanks for looking! :D Look at that face!
  4. geckoboy16

    My favorite Christmas present!!!

    Someone my mom knew gave me these two (1.1) five year old beardies and i am very excited! They are the first "non gecko" ive had. Heres some pictures i took today! (her favorite spot) (sorry for the bad pic) Thanks for looking! :D
  5. geckoboy16

    viv size

    is this tank big enough for a bearded dragon. i think it is a 40 gallon but im not sure.