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  1. geckoboy16

    First Bearde Dragon. Please read

    Beardies are usually very friendly and wont mind being handled. The question is, did she buy a baby beardie? because they are small and tend to be very skittish. If she bought an adult it would probably be ok being handled. I'd suggest just letting it accomadate itself to its new surroundings...
  2. geckoboy16

    My fav pic so far

    Haha, thats great! I had a beardie who actually slept on the glass like that all the time.
  3. geckoboy16

    First Clutch Hatchlings

    they look great! congrats!
  4. geckoboy16

    New site.

    Its nothing special, just a freewebs site for now untill I can set up a better one. Check it out! I have some pictures up of all my animals and available pages (nothing is available yet.) Thanks for everyone that looks at it! :) :D
  5. geckoboy16

    Pictures of the baby boy!

    he looks great!
  6. geckoboy16

    Funny Picture

    haha thats great! beardies have great personalities :D
  7. geckoboy16

    Funny Picture

    yeah i saw that pic it was hilarious! :main_yes:
  8. geckoboy16

    Funny Picture

    haha he does that a lot :)
  9. geckoboy16

    Funny Picture

    Heres a pic I thought was pretty funny. My male beardie loves sleeping like this against the side of the cage lol! :D
  10. geckoboy16

    My christmas present...

    congrats, nice present!!!
  11. geckoboy16

    Chahaya's latest pics

    he looks great!
  12. geckoboy16

    Cutting nails

    Beardies seem to be really docile, at least mine do. I usually just take them in to my local pet store (not a chain pet store, a family owned one.) and they use clippers to cut them. My beardies will just down and allow you to cut them. You can also use a rock as Pepper said.
  13. geckoboy16

    Some beardie pictures

    im not really sure what brand the substrate is but it works really well and is clean.
  14. geckoboy16

    Some beardie pictures

    Just a few shots of my beardies, Homer and Marge. Thanks for looking! :D Look at that face!
  15. geckoboy16

    since iv never posted any pics...

    nice beardies!!!
  16. geckoboy16


    nice! beardies are great pets!!!
  17. geckoboy16

    OK, just a few pics, promise.

    really cool beardies. i agree that last pic is great lol :D
  18. geckoboy16

    Some of the fish that I have kept

    nice fish i had two oscars that lived 5 years and they suddenly died a year ago. right now im keeping african cichlids.
  19. geckoboy16

    second clutch hell-boy

    very nice!!
  20. geckoboy16

    New here + pictures

    great looking beardies! welcome to geckoforums. :)