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    Good morning all, Im looking for some input regarding the above subject. Right now i'm using repashy calcium dust for crickets and that's all, i've read multiple info on multiple point of views. what is yalls input? i feed him about every other day changing between crickets (large 5-7) and...
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    Alternate food source

    Looking for some alternate beneficial food options for ‘Kevin’, he gets super worms and crickets during the week. I have some Repashy Grub Pie on the way for more of a treat. Looking for something fun to peak his interest and provide something new for him to try
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    I’ve been using repashy calcium to dust crickets and super worms, I’ve attempted to put a separate dish with calcium carbonate in for him to enjoy and he hasn’t touched it. Is this normal, should I be pushing the issue more somehow, or is it likely he is just getting what he needs from what’s on...
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    Does anyone have any pointers for cleaning and disinfecting? Any DIY cleaning solutions, thoughts on substrate replacement over X amount of time, habitat features cleaning vs. replacing, etc. Thanks, AC
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    Wondering what the effect positive and negative there are in relation to tank substrate. I’m using one that mimics a desert setting with pebbles and rocky feel, are there any down sides to having a predominantly rough surface throughout? Should I provide a soft setting in certain areas? Thanks- AC
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    Looking for advice

    Morning everyone, recent got my leopard gecko last weekend and everything moving smoothly. Had a quick question regarding a tank dehumidifier. I live about half mile from the ocean and overnight the humidity in the tanks shoots up to around 70-80% once the tank light has been on for a few hours...