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  1. DoubleZ


    I've got a ten gallon tank that I recently refurnished. Natural colored stones, one large piece of driftwood, and large orange rock. Currently it's housing a male betta, 2 pygmy corydoras, a honey gourami, and a dwarf gourami. The betta displayed some territorial behavior at first, flaring...
  2. DoubleZ

    1.5 Gal

    I have a 1.5 gallon tank that up until the other day housed my betta. I recently lost him due to dropsy and am thinking that once I'm home again I might get another critter. The tank has a filter, heater, sand substrate, a japanese moss ball, two pieces of driftwood, and some java moss. i was...
  3. DoubleZ


    How are they as a first snake? I'm looking for something small and I was thinking a sand boa or a Cali King. I've handled both and liked them.
  4. DoubleZ

    Small snake?

    Ok, I like snakes but as I had pet rats the idea of them as feeders bothers me a bit. Are there any snakes that are fine with just mice?
  5. DoubleZ

    Blue crayfish/lobsters

    Ok, well the company my dad works for had some little blue crayfish, he said lobsters but I think he meant crayfish. Apparently someone made a mistake and put a pair together. Now they have tons of babies. My dad said I can have some. So, I wondering, should I put them in the 45gallon with a...
  6. DoubleZ

    Ph Tips

    I've got a 45gal and the one thing we consistently have a problem with is the Ph. The water from our tap is around an 8 and even when no water is added to the tank the tank Ph rises to about that. Any tips?
  7. DoubleZ

    Good beginner scorpion

    While i certainly wouldn't be getting one for a while, no way my parents would allow one, I was wondering what you guys would recommend as a starter scorpion. One I could handle would be a plus.