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    curious gecko

    ima be honest, i havent held my gecko in a few weeks, i have been busy. so he has been like sitting outside of his huts which he never did, so i finally decided to hold him. i cleaned his tank as i did, and he was normal. so i put paper towels down as his sunstrate bc i only have one repti mat...
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    leopard gecko chilling on rock

    my leopard gecko is chilling on top of his hide, and i dont understand why!! he doesnt usually but has been in the past few days. he has two other hides that rnt hot!! one in the middle and one cold, he never uses the cold one. but whenever hes done using the hot hide hell go into the middle...
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    so i have a leopard gecko and i tried getting him something for heat control as the heat matt got his heat spot to be up to 120 degrees!!!! insane. so i bought one and it dropped it abt 3-6 degrees under 90, which is a major problem. he ended up getting constipated and i got rly worried so i...
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    bioactive terrarium

    so i got a leopard gecko from my cousin and i have cared for it the best i can, but i want to make a bioactive terrarium for him as i think they r cool and they will lessen the work for me overall. rn i just have 3 fake hides all in different temp zones i feed mealworms and crickets and i just...
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    uhhhh can i use air plants?

    so i have recently gotten a leopard gecko from my cousin who is in college and honestly i dont know much abt him and i have tried doing research but i cabt find quite what im looking for. can i use any sort of plants kn his tank? its s 20 long... also i wanted to use eco earth is this a good...