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    which would you prefer?

    which pump would you get? Exo Terra Repti Flo 200 Waterfall Pump or Rio Waterfall Pump with Adjustable Flow or tetra repto filter?
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    How do I get my mom to allow a snake in the house?

    I have the same problem. tried everything even a power point. I almost got one because my mom made a deal with me but i had to wear calvin clien boxers in china town for 3 hours with only that on. it was to bad she backed out on the deal because i would have done that. Now i'm just waiting to...
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    Most Humane Culling Procedure?

    Well think about how your hands feel in the winter when you are out in the snow and they turn red and then think of inhaling co2. if you gas them they will pass out and then die. if you freeze them they will not be dying a painless death because they are cold blooded and will feed the cold more...
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    Most Humane Culling Procedure?

    wow. when you let go of the cinder blocks how far do the guts go? When i first read this i thought you where kidding.
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    waterfall question

    I think i'm going to put a pair of red eyed croc skinks in 18x18x18 exo terra and i want to make a waterfall so that i can have running water and not have it stagnant so what kind of pump will i need to make it? Thanks
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    New Phelsuma Setup

    maybe you can drill/burn a hole in the jug and attach a funnel to the hole so you can pour the water down the funnel with out removing the tubing.
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    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 Poughkeepsie, NY

    Wish i had known. I would have loved to go.
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    How can I keep beardies in a breeding rack?

    yeah i think garrick demeyer has them in some rack. You could put them in something like a rodent rack with the lights on top or have custom made cages stacked up on top of each other but you would neeed a space for the lights.
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    here are some of our balls

    I wish I could get a snake so bad. These pictures make me want one even more. You should make some bumble bees with the pastels and the spider.
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    my acquisition from the austin show!

    wow that is really nice. after looking at this picture I'm going to have to get my self one at the next reptile expo.
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    Black red eyed tree frogs

    Lately i've been looking into getting a frog and decided to get a red eyed tree frog. Recently i found out they have morphs like xanthics, albinos and a black ones. I've been looking for some black ones. Does anyone know where to get any?
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    How to feed a baby?

    maybe you can try throwing in some small crickets.
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    Crested gecko breeding

    They lay 2 eggs per clutch and up to 10 clutches. 8 clutches would probably be the max. # of clutches considered healthy.
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    crested gecko set up ideas?

    some pothos and you can use coconut fiber as substrate.
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    well you can dip your finger in his baby food and put some on his nose. Then he'll lick it off.
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    Kritter keeper rack

    Next season I'm going to start breeding my crested geckos. I need a place to house the babies and I saw a kritter keeper rack that i want to get from barrs. Does anyone recommend it and can I stack them up? thanks
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    Housing for gargoyle breeding groups

    Should I house the males separately from the females because I was browsing around ACreptiles and read that the females bit the males tails off and eat them. Will this stress out the male? If so should put him in a different cage and introduce him to the females during the breeding season? Thanks
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    Chaoua Care

    Sorry about the spelling I was rushing. My mom was nagging me about dinner.
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    Do you have any lighting? It could be that it is to hot and he's going down under the moss because it's the coolest place and furthest from the heat.