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    which would you prefer?

    which pump would you get? Exo Terra Repti Flo 200 Waterfall Pump or Rio Waterfall Pump with Adjustable Flow or tetra repto filter?
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    waterfall question

    I think i'm going to put a pair of red eyed croc skinks in 18x18x18 exo terra and i want to make a waterfall so that i can have running water and not have it stagnant so what kind of pump will i need to make it? Thanks
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    Black red eyed tree frogs

    Lately i've been looking into getting a frog and decided to get a red eyed tree frog. Recently i found out they have morphs like xanthics, albinos and a black ones. I've been looking for some black ones. Does anyone know where to get any?
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    Kritter keeper rack

    Next season I'm going to start breeding my crested geckos. I need a place to house the babies and I saw a kritter keeper rack that i want to get from barrs. Does anyone recommend it and can I stack them up? thanks
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    Housing for gargoyle breeding groups

    Should I house the males separately from the females because I was browsing around ACreptiles and read that the females bit the males tails off and eat them. Will this stress out the male? If so should put him in a different cage and introduce him to the females during the breeding season? Thanks
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    Chaoua Care

    I'm thinking about getting a Chaoua. Does anybody know any good sites that have information about Chaouas? thanks
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    Ackie monitor

    Does anyone know of a good place where I can find a baby ackie monitor besides General Exotics?