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  1. smeigel

    Gecko in the classroom

    As long as your classroom stays within 68-78 degrees and you can mist the animal at least once a day. You should be fine with housing a crested or garg. They are resilient animals and great if you don't want to have UVB and heat lamps. I think they are a great choice for a class.
  2. smeigel

    Incubating created gecko eggs?

    I would recommend 68-78 degrees F. There is no temperature sexting with cresteds. In the past few years people have been stating.... the longer you keep a crested gecko in the egg, the healthier and more nourished the gecko will be. I recommend sticking within these temps. The cooler temps will...
  3. smeigel

    Potato is over 10 grams, can we tell the sex?

    I would have to agree with you and say it looks like a male to me!
  4. smeigel

    My new Cresteds for next years breeding season!

    Some of my new crested babies, juvies and sub adults. They are all too young to breed this season so hopefully by next year they will be producing some great babies! Let me know what ya guys think!