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  1. soccerdad

    Introducing Athena

    Well I finally picked up a female think she will go nicely with my Male Dalmation |0|..... She fires up to a nice red and has some dalmation spotting too so hoping to see an increase in spotting in any offspring.... She aint no skinny girl thats for sure...
  2. soccerdad

    Didn't stay a one crestie family for long

    I didnt stay with just the one crestie for long ... I g ot another three today... 2 hatchlings (will take pic of them when i can catch the little buggers lol... And then got this big guy :p
  3. soccerdad

    First crestie

    Well picked up my first (of many) crestie tonight hes settled in nicely no idea if he/she is any particular morph but here he/she is :D
  4. soccerdad


    Ok guys I have a question I will be getting some cresties and possibly gargoyles .... I am definately getting 2 juvenile cresties and an adult in the next couple of days .... the question is how long does the Repashy CGD last? as I don't know what size amount to buy lol:D
  5. soccerdad

    Daughters First Leo

    Well our oldest is turning 8 Saturday and all she wants is a gecko so went out tonight and picked her up this little guy... thinking gonna have to keep him in our room til he gets a little bit bigger... no idea what morph as it was a ***** (sorry short notice release of funds to get him late at...
  6. soccerdad

    Lump on head

    Just noticed this lump on my leo's head havn't handled him in a couple of days coz he gets cranky when shedding but any ideas? can notice more in person but it is clearly visable from the front pic
  7. soccerdad

    Our cats

    Not really a cat person but I already posted pics of the dogs, so here are our 3 cats this one is Mischief misty and finally felix
  8. soccerdad

    Cleaning question

    I was wondering the packaging on reptile carpet says its washable how do you guys go about cleaning it? Just water? Detergent? Sanitizer?
  9. soccerdad

    My little Leo

    Heres a couple of pics of my Leo no idea what morph he/she is but I am not worried :) he/she is my first gecko (had other reptiles though) and I can see them becoming addictive lol
  10. soccerdad

    Our two pups

    This one is Buster our 7 month old Lab mix who weighs 60 pounds This one is Wendy our Siberian Husky