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    Video of my Hamsters, soo cute!! My Teddy bear hamster I have for a week now. My little hammie I had for 2.3 years. I also have fish but not in this video.
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    It really upsets me when people talk about hurting hamsters..

    I am on this message board called Metal Sludge, and people have mentioned of leaving hamsters on the side of the road, or for target practice, or feeding to snakes. That is animal abuse. I told them that to. It makes me glad I'm a hamster owner. I would never treat my hamsters like that. Some...
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    I bought a new betta at Walmart. I have a question

    I bought a new Betta at Walmart, yesterday. I used Prime to condition the water and it also takes ammonia out. I checked with a test strip and there is no ammonia in the water. My Betta is swimming on the bottom of his bowl and he didn't eat his fish pellets, which I had to remove from his bowl...
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    Questions about Cycling, with fish in tank

    My question is this.. What is the best fish to use to cycle my tank? I have a 5 gallon tank. I read it was guppies, then I read it was a betta fish? Which fish is the hardiest fish to start out with? I read there has to be ammonia to start the cycling process. So once I place the fish in the...
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    The guy at pet store said I have ammonia water, but I check. I do not.

    How can my fish tank have ammonia, when I use fresh pure water from the store? I also have a filter. I used conditioner. I never placed a fish in this tank. (I'm still waiting to buy my betta fish). I was going to get a fish today but the guy at the pet store said the water had high ammonia in...
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    A few questions. I am going to buy new fishy!

    I just set up my 5 gallon fish tank. I use pure water from the store. I also have a filter going right now. The water is a little bubbly. I added Aqua-safe, which removes chlorine, chloramine. It came with the starter set up aquarium kit for 30 dollars. I do not have the fish yet. I will get...
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    My pet hamster is dying, cries

    I called the vet and he said he would give me antibiotics, but he also said because my hamster is so sick, it may, or may not do any good. My hamster is laying there hardly moving and white stuff is coming out of his mouth. :( Grumpy was breathing heavy last night but now it's not so bad, but...
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    Flea and mite powder for hamsters and bedding.

    I talked with a person at a pet store and he said he had flea and mite powder for hamsters. I am probably going to have to get some if the olive oil does not work because my hamsters are missing fur, which means mites. I also read cedar base bedding is bad, yet I was sold some at the pet store...
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    olive oil for hamster fleas

    I read olive oil is good to use for Hamsters if they have fleas and mites, so I took my glove and rubbed some olive oil on my hamsters. The one Hamster is really itching bad rolling around in his bedding. The other hamster is not itching as bad but still itches himself alot. Both hamsters were...
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    How do you tame robo hamsters?

    I put my hand slowly in the cage with food in the palm of my bare hand. My hamster ran up and bit my finger and it bled. That hurt man. It's not funny. I also have gloves. And when I used the gloves they kept biting and biting and biting. If I use my bare hand they bite. Thank god or else I have...
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    IS Fresh Results, deodorizing spray safe to use?

    I bought some Fresh Results deodorizing spray at Walmart. I bought it so when I clean out the glass cage, which is huge and I really have a hard time picking it up. It is hard to get the soap out. I use dish washing soap, then I use sponge, then I use the sponge to rise out the tank. I then use...
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    Funny hamster pictures

    These are not my hamsters, just funny hamsters pictures I found online. I am a very Strong Hamster. Sees my muscels... I sing Round and Round by Ratt. Round and Round, well love will find a way just give it time. Round and round what comes around goes around I'll tell you why, dig! This...
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    Funny hamster pictures

    My mistake posted twice, sorry.. cant delete it..
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    My pet dwarf hamsters, so cute

    After my 2nd pet gecko died I just could not buy another. Anyway I bought 2 dawrf hamsters and I love them so much. I do know they will live up to 2 to 3 years, so their life span will not be very long. however Gecko's are supposed to live up to 15 to 20 years and both died before a year. I used...
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    Big shedding problem, scared

    My gecko has a full body shed and for about a week the shed is stuck. I got some of the shed off with tweezers and q-tip and I pulled some shed off. The thing is my gecko can hardly move because the shed is stuck under neith and on his arms and legs. I did get a small bowl of luke warm water and...
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    Shedding question

    My one gecko still has some shed stuck to his nose. It has been a few weeks, and still the shed is stuck to the tip of his nose? Should I help peel it off? The temp is normally 90, though can drop to 80 sometimes, or lower at night, though durning the day the temp is usually 90 on the warm side...
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    My mom likes my Gecko

    I did not know if my mom would ever like my Gecko, it's the one she said kind of looked like a snake and she did not know if she could ever get used to my gecko Ninja. Well she likes my Gecko and talks to it, now she says I can leave the Gecko when I move. I don't think so. LOL, it's my Gecko...
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    Questions about worms and beetles

    I have noticed eggs in the worm container, look white and move. I also notice a few small beetles in the gecko tank. Um is this normal and do worms hatch out beetles? Also my other gecko..I had two but the orange gecko died. The other gecko I have does not eat much. I think it's been months...
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    My gecko passed on a few days ago

    I cried for 2 days, on and off. The orange gecko he passed on and did not have to be put to sleep, he just died. The one that could not move his legs. I am still very sad over this but I do know he is no longer in pain, so that I am happy for. I am so sad he is gone, was my buddy for 9 months...
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    I thought Gecko lost legs, he has his legs, my mistake

    I checked and it's feet that look very messed up, but the one leg is not moving too well, the other leg the gecko is trying to move..He opens his mouth when he tries to move. I thought he lost his legs but it was just the feet that are messed up. Yea it did look like he lost a leg..But when i...