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  1. KashMoneyExotics

    Trade baby citrus pastel ball python

    Hi I Have a baby citrus pastel ball python that I am looking to trade, for Crested gecko morphs. I’m looking for anything from pinstripes, flames, creams, chocolates, halloweens,harlequins, tigers, dalamations, or any other crested combos. Let me know what you have. Please be in (Providence...
  2. KashMoneyExotics

    The Miracle of Life

    What kind of snake was it
  3. KashMoneyExotics

    morph id?

    She does actually look like a fire to me. where did you purchase her and what did you purchase her as? The only way to truly tell is to breed her to another fire to and see if you get super fires. Unfortunately this forum isn’t really quick to answering ball python questions even though it does...
  4. KashMoneyExotics

    Viper boas

    Hi I just wanted to know if anyone know any breeders that active breed Viper boas. They’re very cool looking and I think that would be an awesome animal to add to the collection. The reason I’m asking is because they seem pretty hard to find and the ones that I do find, the are wild caught and i...
  5. KashMoneyExotics

    What morph?

    I purchased my male ball python as a dinker but his colors are amazing he has light creamed color the light triangle head patch so I’m here because I think he’s a little more than a normal/dinker. Any clues what he might be?
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    I'm glad soaking him worked remember don't use sand Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    tiles would okay but I would still probably use paper towel because your leo will need belly heat to digest its food
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    soak him in 88-90 degree water that covers up to about 2/3 or more of his belly gently massage his belly and he will go to the bathroom later. I have done this with almost immediate results. And please take him off sand use paper towel.
  9. KashMoneyExotics

    my baby

    she’s beautiful
  10. KashMoneyExotics

    my baby

    Blue Eyed Leucistic
  11. KashMoneyExotics

    Spector Markers

    Hi I have a male ball python that I’ve purchased as a normal/Dinker. But I hardly believe he is just a plain normal. He has a small light patch on his head, and a nice gold/ cream color to him almost like a fire or a vanilla, has signature the tail stripe like a spector and everything. I know...