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  1. pmkent1

    Collection Sale

    Bitter sweet moment for me, Huge update to my for sale album. If you dont know yet Im moving on from the leopard gecko world (at least the breeding aspect of it) to have a lot more time to focus on my family and various other things I need to put more time into. Pretty much everything I...
  2. pmkent1

    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    And to make it abundantly clear, When I say I dont disagree in theory what I mean is I can understand how you can come to that conclusion, not that I in any way agree with the practice.
  3. pmkent1

    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    NYnecho, I assume due to your age that you havent been deeply involved in the reptile community for very long. And by long Im mean 5, 10, 20 years. The longer your in this, and the more you read, you'll find out that the MASS majority of any part of this community, and especially the leopard...
  4. pmkent1

    1.0 Tang Bell from a great project of mine

    ID - 1034 - 40g on 2/23/14 1.0 Tang Bell From a cool project Im working on. Really great tangs for an f1. $180 Please feel free to contact me with any questions through PM or on FB. Shipping costs separate. Shipping will be the same for up to 3 animals. 100% health guarantee. Please...
  5. pmkent1

    0.1 W&Y 100% het RADAR

    D - #1033 - 34g on 2/23/14 0.1 W&Y 100% het RADAR Turning out to be one of the coolest from this last season. Colors dont show in the pictures. And het RADAR to boot. $380 Please feel free to contact me with any questions through PM or on FB. Shipping costs separate. Shipping will...
  6. pmkent1

    1.1 Bold Designers

    I.D. - #1025 (first pic) 0.1 Bold Designer - 23g on 2/23/14 Great mask and a nice contrast $120 I.D. - #1026 1.0 Bold Designer - 23g on 2/23/14 Also a really great mask and really great contrast $120 Please feel free to contact me with any questions through PM or on FB. Shipping...
  7. pmkent1

    The Gecko Gallery

    I think Kristi was asking for your full name so everyone knows who you are. Its a general rule in most business inquiry sections. Keeps people from posting anonymous comments (good or bad). Kind of the "if your going to say it, put your name on it" idea :D
  8. pmkent1

    The Gecko Gallery

    Jesse is a great guy. I had the pleasure of seeing his entire collection and professional set up and I can assure anyone out there that you wont be disappointed. Some really incredible animals and lots of different projects. Cant ask for much more. :main_thumbsup:
  9. pmkent1

    1.1 proven Milii pair

    1.1 proven Milii pair. Male is normal phase. Female is light phase. Originally produced by GGG. $300 + shipping. Cash or trade. Please see my FB page for terms of sale. Feel free to pm me or give me a call/text with any questions at 614-403-8247
  10. pmkent1

    FOR TRADE - '07 1.0 Blackheaded Python - Aspidites melanocephalus

    This guy has to be one of my favorite trades Ive done in a while. But with my setup and interests at the moment he would be better served being the prize of someone elses collection. 1.0 '07 Queensland Blackhead (Aspidites melanocephalus). Big, strong guy feeding on F/T. Right around 8.5-9'...
  11. pmkent1

    100% Pure Diamond Python - Male '07 - Sale/trade

    Up for sale/trade is a beautiful '07 100% pure Diamond Python male (Morelia Spilota Spilota). With paperwork. CBB by Dave Sutton, Cypress Creek x Bailey, and originally purchased by Michael Beach. Awesome animal with a fantastic temperament. Perfect health. Roughly 6'+. Feeding on F/T rats...
  12. pmkent1

    Group Sale

  13. pmkent1

    Holding an auction

    Im holding an auction on the 4.3 leo group I have for sale. Bids can be placed here - Great pice and great geckos. Check it out!
  14. pmkent1

    Extreme Geckos - Anthony Adams

    My thoughts exactly
  15. pmkent1

    1.1 Radars

    Nice 1.1 pair of Radars. 1.0 - Full eyes - 53g 0.1 - Snake eyes - 32g $400 shipped for the pair Trade offers welcome Leos/Fattails/Nephurus or anything generally interesting. Please visit my FB page if your looking for individual pricing and for terms of sale. PM/email me at...
  16. pmkent1

    Group Sale

    Making space for some new incoming additions. Group sale - 1.0 Bold Stripe 0.1 Mack Snow Bell Albino 1.0 Electric Cross 1.0 Mack Snow Enigma 100% het Bell 66% het Eclipse 0.1 Bold Stripe Bell Albino 0.1 Mack Snow 100% het Bell 66% het Eclipse 1.0 Mack snow 100% het Bell 66% het Eclipse...
  17. pmkent1

    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    Glad to see he stepped up and made it right (even if it took 4 That'll go a long way in the long term. :main_thumbsup:
  18. pmkent1

    Sasobek's World of Reptiles

    Fair trade. Amazing animals. Great communication. Top notch. Cant really ask for more than that. A++++
  19. pmkent1

    Snow Radar Male - Wanted

    Hey guys, Im in the market for a snow radar male. Cash or trade. Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Thanks. PM me or call/text me at 614-403-8247 __________________