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  1. favrielle

    Kristi123 / Ghoulish Geckos

    I just completed a trade deal with Kristi from Ghoulish Geckos, and couldn't be happier! Even with issues at the hub and some up-and-down shipping weather, everything went perfectly. Highly recommend Ghoulish Geckos if you're looking for quality leopard geckos! --Angela Smith--
  2. favrielle

    Help! Need tree frog ID and care suggestions!

    I've been considering getting a tree frog for a little while, but my timeline was moved up today when I saw one on craigslist that looked like it needed a good home, and quickly. The poor thing was in a 12"x12"x18" exoterra with only a moss mat, a corner bowl, one mopani wood piece and a HEAT...