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    two new cresties from the Gilpins...

    Got a package this morning :) This is Audrey, all fired up and pretty: This is Maribel (just firing up and mad after being unpacked...): Hope one of them will be a boy, and one a girl ;) Chrissy

    new Pink Dalmatian :)

    My Pink is going to get what I hope will be a girlfriend (still unsexed...): The above are Gisela Festerling's pictures... the baby hasn't arrived yet. Maybe coming week ;) And here's Pink again (he was also from Gisela, a fellow German; got him last year): Keep your fingers...

    unboxing a red female garg from Geckotopia :)

    Here is my new breeding mama from Michael May @ Geckotopia: I have three potential males; Shostakovich, my yellow garg from GeckoHaven, and Mr. X and Kinky from Richard Quick's Yellow Ghost line... will have to decide later this year, when quarantine time is over...

    good guy: Michael May from Geckotopia -- awesome to deal with!!!

    Bought a beautiful red gargoyle breeding-size female from Michael May @ Geckotopia. Great and friendly contact, lots of emails, and true photos of the animal for sale. Safe packaging and quick shipping. My best recommendations for this seller!! Highly professional family business. Will buy...

    unboxing a "Gorgeous Gecko" :)

    Meet "Kerfuffle": It had a teeny-tiny tail nip, so I got a coupon for 50 bucks off the next gecko (I THINK I know where I will get my Pink Dalmatian female from!!!) and a t-shirt, yay! Thanks, GorgeousGecko, for this awesome little baby... :D Chrissy

    unboxing photos of Hannibal's gargoyles :)

    Shrimp and Lobster arrived at 9:40 a.m.: My AFT Patty has arrived, too... I'll post pics of her in the right section. What a day -- and it's not even my birthday :) Thank you, Andi, for your gorgeous kids! They will be well taken care of. :D Chrissy

    update on my "old" cresties...

    Unfired, but nice ;) Flaming Rust Goldback Pink Sammy (this one is for former mommy, Tara Bowling!!!) :D Chrissy

    update on my red and orange-striped garglets...

    Here they are today -- a little bit chunkier, not a whole lot bigger: :D Chrissy

    new crestie :)

    Look what I bought from Gorgeous Gecko today (it's their photo): Just fell in love with those side blotches... :D Chrissy

    my new oscars...

    I'm really happy with my new oscars... got them for Valentine's Day :) My first post in the fish section :) Chrissy LZRDGRL

    look what I'll be getting from Hannibal....

    ... in Spring: little Shrimp: and little V4 (will be named Lobster): I'm so happy and can't wait!!! Those are Andi's photos. Now I need to sell some more Radars to afford those beauties... hey people, buy my Radar girls!! I still have a few left :main_yes...

    photo day... :)

    Yesterday, I was bored, so I took some of my cresties out for a photo shoot... Here's Goldback from Richard Quick: Here's Sammy (hello Tara Bowling!!!): Here's Pink from Gisela Festerling: :D Chrissy

    new Phantom Pinner from Anthony Caponetto...

    FEDEX brought a new baby crestie today.... from AC. Chrissy :D

    new red-striped garglet from Kaiden (faunaclassifieds)...

    Yay! I welcomed a new baby to my animal family today. Meet my new red-striped garglet: And here it is together with Shostakovich, for size comparison: By the way, Shostakovich walked through his mango pudding before the photo shoot. His foot is not hurt :p And here is the...

    cage-cleaning day updates :)

    Since I'm cleaning cages today, I thought I might as well post some nice eye pics of my gargs :main_yes: female from Underground stock: she's a big girl :p My pretty boy from Richard Quick: his brother: and from the other side: totally unfired: the girl again...

    new cresties from Tara and Gisela arrived!!!

    Meet Pink from Gisela: And here's Sammy from Tara Bowling: I'm downsizing my leo colony a bit in favor of my rhac colony :main_yes: So if anybody is interested in beautifully colored, high-quality leos, that's the opportunity ;) I met this awesome, wonderful...

    my new cresties (cream and pink dalmations)

    This is Sammy from Tara Bowling!! (her picture) And this is his future mate, Pink from Gisela Festerling; her pic (another German here in the U.S. :p :D): In leos, I like stripes, and in cresties, I like dots :main_yes: Chrissy :D

    Radars and het Radars

    From next week on, it seems like we're finally getting shipping weather here in Southern Illinois... So here are a few Radars and het Radars for sale: 1) Radar female, solid ruby eyes name: Radisson date of birth: 05/14/2012 dam & sire: Radar x Red Stripe het Radar (from JMG; my "Neon orange"...

    they're here!

    And here are the two yellow gargs that came in the mail today from Richard Quick: Tchaikovsky ("Mr. X"): Prokoviev ("Kinky"): When being unpacked, they looked really red, but they're yellow when unfired. I'm totally happy with my new kids. Thanks, Richard!! :D Chrissy

    they're here!

    Got a delivery today from Richard Quick in Las Cruces... Here's Picasso: Goldback: Flaming Rust: The others will be posted in the gargoyle section :D Thanks, Richard, for my awesome kids!!! :main_yes: Chrissy