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  1. Krow

    3 Yr Old Female SHTCT - BEST OFFER

    I'm selling my 3 year old, female SHTCT leo. She has never been bred before but I beileve she would make some pretty babies if bred. She has really cute little black speckles on her white feet :) I hate to get rid of her but we need money for some pretty important things... (I know the pictures...
  2. Krow

    Or Trade Sudan Plated Lizard

    Sudan Plated Lizard - for sale or trade $30 + shipping or willing to trade(email me what you have to trade). If you would like to do a local pick up, I live in Rusk, TX. If you are close I'm willing to meet half way. I would like to sell soon, I will accept payment plans if necessary. I...
  3. Krow

    Free Sudan Plated Lizard (just pay shipping or pick up)

    Free Sudan Plated lizard just pay standard $50 shipping. Or local pick up: I live in Rusk, TX. If you are close I'm willing to meet half way. Please email me: [email protected]
  4. Krow

    Cheap Sudan Plated Lizard

    I'm not sure if it's male or female, but appears to be female. I got her(?) from a local pet shop as it was closing down. She(?) eats on super worms, crickets, lettuce, grapes, cantalopes, etc., very well. I'm willing to trade for her (interested in ball pythons M or F, female black or mandarin...
  5. Krow

    Cheap Female Rough Scaled Sand Boa

    '10 Female Rough Scaled Sand Boa. I got her from Mark Huntley at Sand Boa Moprhs. Most of the time she refuses f/t, but Ive gotten her to take f/t a few times, no problem feeding her live. $50 + $50 shipping Or willing to trade for her (interested in ball pythons, female black or madarin...
  6. Krow

    New pictures of my snakes!

    I know this is for 'other boas,' but since there are 2 sand boas & only 1 colubrid I thought I'd put them in here :main_robin: Anyway... First is my rough scaled sand boa, Lyric, born Valentine's Day, '10. Next is my anery kenyan sand boa, Sonya. She was born in November '09, shes from...
  7. Krow

    Viktor, Black Veiled Angel Fish 2007-2011

    I bought Viktor when he was no bigger than a quarter, I put in so much time & care into him, & all of my other fish. I watched him for 3 years grow to be bigger than my spread out hand. He died last night, from Velvet disease. It started at 2pm, then I thought it was just cloudy eye. But by 5pm...
  8. Krow

    Diatomaceous Earth??

    :help: Diatomaceous Earth, have any of you guys tried using this stuff to get rid of mites? Ive heard it is safe to eat(food grade). Someone recomended I try it to get rid of mites. They said they use it on all their new beardies they get in. They also said its totally safe to put directly on...
  9. Krow

    Texas NARBC Photos (lots of pics)

    I took almost 150 pictures, but I will only post a few, I promise, lol. Show was awesome, got to meet Autra, he snuck up on me! Anywho, on with the pics... Me & Brian Barczyk from BHB Reptiles! JMG was there too! Giant Sulcata If you want this guys contact info for...
  10. Krow

    Awesome Back Tattoo I Just Got

    This is my 3rd tattoo, I designed it and got it done on Friday, November 5, 2010. It took us 5 hours with only 2 short breaks. Heres when the shading was done. And here it is done. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.
  11. Krow

    FOR SALE OR TRADE Female Amel Corn

    Female Amelanistic Corn Snake. Will trade for ball python(whatever morph(s) you have that you would like to trade for her, pm me) Shes a 2010 so shes not even a year old yet. Shes very calm and doesn't mind being held. I'll take $20 for her plus the standard $50 shipping, or trade for a bp. I...
  12. Krow

    Male Texas Spiny Lizard

    Male Texas Spiny Lizard. Ive had him for a few years now and I need to down size so hes the first to go. He is WC. He is a spazz, freaks out all the time, can be held if you can catch him, but I would not advise holding him much. I'll take $10 for him plus the standard $50 shipping. I do have...
  13. Krow

    New pics of Sonya, KSB

    I thought since Sonya will be a year old this November and I only had pics of her from the first night I got her, I decided to take some new pics. And they turned out better than I thought they would.
  14. Krow

    New Pic.s of My Angelfish

    This is my angelfish, Viktor. He is my pride, Ive had him since he was super tiny.
  15. Krow

    "Wud U Say??"

    "Wud u say??" Bah hahaha, I had to, this pic made me laugh so hard :main_laugh:
  16. Krow

    My New Sudanese Plated Lizard!

    I got this guy/girl at a local pet store. Every time I would go there to get worms and crix I would always stop and look at him/her. It was also kind of a rescue because s/he had been in there forever and the lady had him/her in the same cage as 3 bearded dragons and s/he had layers and layers...
  17. Krow

    20 Gallon Long WANTED!!

    I am in need of a 20 gallon long aquarium! I dont need anything else, just the tank. Doesn't matter if its got a screen lid with it or not. Please reply or pm me. I live in Rusk, TX, so Lufkin, Tyler, Bullard, Nacogdoches, Alto, Maydelle, Palestine, Timpson, Center, Tenaha anyone near me...
  18. Krow

    Lyric, My New Rough Scaled Sand Boa

    I got her a while back, but I remembered I never posted anything about her. I got her from Mark Huntley on Fauna. She was born in mid February 2010. Her name is Lyric. (sorry about the pics, only camera I had was my webcam)
  19. Krow

    My Bone/Skull Collection

    I collect bones and skulls. All of mine were randomly found. I know its a small collection right now, but Im working on it. Hogs skull, dog skull, cow's horn, small deer antlers and cat jaw bones. Close up on the dog skull... And now the single pics of the hog skull, because its tusks...
  20. Krow

    Ceramic Horney Toad I Painted

    I found this little guy at Goodwill. He was just plain white and looked sad, so I bought him and painted him like a real horney toad, just thought I would share. I may sell him, Im not sure yet. Edit: I just noticed from the pics he looks a little green, but hes not, I guess thats just the camera.