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    The kiddos

    Happy little family.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty lady

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    Giant Sunglows

    1.3 group of giant Sunglows. Purchased from ember gecko earlier this year. Decided to go a different direction. All are in great condition and ready to go. Asking $450 obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Complete Sellout

    I need to re-home my leopard geckos. Found out last week that my wife is pregnant with our second child. Need the spare room to turn into babies room. I have a total of 17 leopard geckos Metal rack with heat and thermostat and tubs Hatchling rack with heat and tubs I even have a small meal...
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    Winter Sell Out

    Need to make some room in the rack before I leave home for 4 months. I will get pics and DOB, but heres a list of what I have for sale. Blizzard Tremper Blazing Blizzard Sunglows x3 High Yellows x2 Super Snow Enigma Let me know if your interested and I will get you pics ASAP. Thanks
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    Going Overseas Sellout

    Get them dirt cheap folks.. Took fresh pics of all of them today..
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    Going Overseas Sellout

    Leaving soon.. Make an offer if you want..
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    Going Overseas Sellout

    I am taking a job over seas for the next year and need to cut down on the number of geckos that my wife will have to tend to by herself while I'm gone. :( Adults: ($30 each or 125 for all) Sunglow het Raptor male Aptor Female (regen tail tip) Mack Snow female Hypo Tangerine het tremper het...
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    Ira & Indy

    LOVE them.... First thing that came to mind was super snow leos... They are beautiful..
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    Leopard Geckos at Columbia SC show?

    Here's a list of all the Repticon shows.. I have been to a few of them and they usually have a good turn out.. Hope that helps..
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    Superior Shipping Supplies---> Great

    Just wanted to to say that the folks at superior shipping supplies are great and so are the products they sell. I ordered the small worm-water dish from them. I was losing countless meal worms at feeding due to escapees. Since I have gotten them, I have not seen a single worm on the run. Great...
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    Gecko Time: Rhacodactylus auriculatus

    Thanks Aliza.. I did my homework before I got my first garg last week. This is very helpful, since theres not a whole lot out there specifically for gargs..
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    Gargs Outside

    Great pics and excellent looking gargs..
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    Thanks.. I will only be getting one for right now so I think it should work also..
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    I am looking to get a Garg soon. I just wanted to make sure if the terrarium i am going to use is big enough. Its made by Zoo Med and is 12x12x18.. Think thats big enough for 1 or 2? Thanks
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    Cut Back Sell

    Need to make room and find these girls and boy some new homes.. If the price is to high, just make me an offer.. The SHTCTB pair have been housed together for the last week. Wouldnt have to wait long to get some eggs off of her. They are both proven. I even have pics of last yrs babies off those...
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    Excellent Business and Product

    I just got my shipment of GEO's in from I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure doing business with him. I placed my order on Monday, he shipped on Tuesday, and I have them today (Thursday). I am really looking forward to using the GEO's. excellent product and superb...
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    Gargoyle Geckos

    I am looking for a breeding pair of gargoyle geckos. I have quite a few leopard geckos that I would like to trade for them. If anybody out there is interested, please let me know Thanks David
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    Cut Back Sell

    I am also interested in a pair of Gargoyle Geckos.. Preferably a breeding pair..
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    Cut Back Sell

    Due to my new job I have to cut back on a few of my geckos.. SHTCTB Female $65 SHTCTB Male $65 ($110 for the SHTCTB Pair) Raptor Female $60 High Yellow Female $30 Tremper Albino Female $40 Enigma Male $50 Tangerine Het Tremper Females $30 each Prices do not...