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  1. tangerineman

    holdbacks and pick ups

    nice cool stuff, i admit, seeing snakes makes me wish i never got out of them, nice colors! Duane
  2. tangerineman

    and...... MY RADAR :)

    hey Paul, wicked radar... Duane
  3. tangerineman

    some pictures, and a question:

    i am leaning towards yeah, based on the neck and tail... it's unusual markings, very cool... but the body neck and tail look patternless to me, i had a PRS that was kind of similar at birth but she had just four dots on her back, she became a 'patternless stripe' gecko but still always...
  4. tangerineman

    some pictures, and a question:

    looking good, that new mack and the new one with the big spots are both nice, i never hatched any with just four big dots like that, but very cute...can't wait to see how it progresses... Duane
  5. tangerineman

    I am really happy for this one :)

    congrats! sorry the others didn't work out, -D
  6. tangerineman

    This year babies from shtcb electric male and females mac snow hypo and albino

    i like that patterning on the thrd one down, the big symmetrical
  7. tangerineman

    The Last Gecko...

    i am usually not a bell fan, but that patterning looks crazy... sorry to hear about the other one, you can only do so much. look at the one that did make it... D
  8. tangerineman

    purple anyone?

    looks nice, are the eyes red, i can't tell..
  9. tangerineman

    Lots of pics

    nice... cool stuff, sorry to hear your computer, that's horrible... we are so dependent on them, and they can fail. i just picked up a 1TB Lacie firewire drive pretty cheap, you need these things these days.. be careful with your CDs and DVDs using them as backup also,only a few years...
  10. tangerineman

    Just a baby Raptors face...

    yeah cool pics, i laughed so hard i snorted when i scrolled down to the second one... -Duane
  11. tangerineman

    A few of this years hatchlings:

    nice geckos congrats, ....i can't wait to see those jungles in a few sheds, esp that one at the bottom, i like the way the color lines up adjacent to each other in the swirled areas... -Duane
  12. tangerineman

    some recent hatchlings..

    lol i like that, ahhAHHa 'THEY LOOK GIANT SO FAR' lol cool geckos, SS are always freaky lil -Duane
  13. tangerineman

    So FE, what are these :)

    yes make big babies!! lol Duane
  14. tangerineman

    Desinger dreams

    nice geckos cool stuff, I am curious, with the snowglow RERS...if you expect that the nice reverse stripe will go away? A snow glow is a hypo mack, yes? i know hypos usually lose patterning as they grow, but I never tried to make a hypo rev stripe... just curious, i figured it would...
  15. tangerineman

    Newest additions that arrived today.

    yeah nice geckos, i alwasy liked the patternless, that's a beauty in the last pic,.
  16. tangerineman

    please check this ! two breeders stopping!!

    that is horrible...Alberto has worked very hard, and has put years of work I hope it doesn't come down to that Duane
  17. tangerineman

    Web Designer

    a few factors at work... since it soudns like your dad knew the guy, maybe he does?, maybe he should speak to him, I am not sure what you paid...but it souds like you should try to re-negotiate changes at a reduced cost, I am a designer, but I do not do web work for cash, currently. As a...
  18. tangerineman

    Cool View of a Gecko's Eye...

    i am positive they move their eyes, i spend a lot of time with mine, and sometimes the subtle movements really give them a wide variety of expressions... i can tell for sure that certain ones really enjoy having their neck rubbed like little puppies, when the eyes roll back into the head and...
  19. tangerineman

    Some GGG Bold Stripes...

    nice geckos i can't help you there, i keep way to many nice stripes..